Top 5 Dogs from Horror Movies


It is nothing new that we are melting over classic dog movies, but today we are doing something way different. We have made our list of Top 5 Dogs from Horror Movies. This list is made only by dogs that are antagonist in the movies.

5.Cujo from Cujo

This is a movie about really nice Saint Bernard who gets bitten by a rabid bat. The wound got infected and Cujo become four-legged serial killer. This movie is a classic canine rampage with one wild Saint Bernard on the loose.

4.Zoltan from Dracula’s Dog

This Doberman pincher possessed by the spirit of the Count himself was a frequent visitor in our dreams when we were kids.

3.Max from Man’s Best Friend

This movie teach us not to adopt dogs that were subject of mad scientist experiment at some point of time. Another classic from the 1990’s about a dog that went on a killing spree.

2.Dogs from Dogs

Domestic dogs start eating human beings. Sounds like Dog-geddon? It does… Because it is a Dog-geddon.

1.The Dog from the Devil Dog

This horror thriller about a dog that was adopted from a Satanist that performed satanic rituals over the dog was giving all of us countless sleepless nights.

This is our list for today. Sleep Well !


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