Adoption : How to Find the Perfect Dog?

dog adoption

There are many organizations world-wide that are offering purebred or mixed dogs for adoption. Most of this dogs were having owners and home at some point of their life but, for some reason they have ended up on the street.

Now, the question – is it better to adopt a puppy or a full-grown adult dog. The answer is simple, if you do not have time to take care about a puppy, then you should definitely adopt a full-grown, adult dog. Even though, the puppies are so cute, their growing up and socialization process takes time and hard work, but with today’s dynamic style of living, not everyone can pay as much as attention that puppy needs.

Most of those adult dogs that you can adopt have been left on the street just because the owners were not paying enough attention to them, so when they grew up, they have became waste of space in their house or they never think about those dogs as part of the family. Also, birth of a baby, divorce, sickness or even death could be the reason why this dogs are put for adoption. Most important thing that you should pay attention to, when adopting a grown-up dog is his size and weight, because it is not fair toward the dog to be taken to a home when it will be tight for his everyday’s activities.

Many people will tell you that it is not good to adopt an adult dog because it will not be able to connect with the family. But, let’s take a look at that from dog’s point of view – if the dog was living on the street with insufficient food on daily bases, and then he finds himself in a warm, cozy house full with people that care about him and enough food – ok, it may be strange for him at the beginning but, the dog knows what gratitude is, and he will show it toward the family that takes care about him.

Also, you may hear from people, that if you have a baby it would be nice to bring a puppy in the house, because they will attach to each other in a very short period of time. Think about this… If you have a baby and a puppy in the same house, at some point of time it may became hell. Puppy needs constant attention and surveillance as well as guidelines from the owners but, in the same time the baby needs the same things. So, we are going back to the first part of our article. Some people cannot stand the pressure, and the puppy goes to adoption. Some day ago, someone asked me one question that I found really important when it comes to dog adoption.

A friend of mine, wanted to know how to choose the perfect dog. Sadly, many people a choosing by the appearance but, what people are neglecting is their possibilities for the dog. My personal opinion is that anyone that is considering adopting a dog, should pay attention to dog’s temper. For example, adopting a Husky is not going to be pleasant for person who doesn’t like long walks. Terrier-type dog is not suitable for senior citizen who enjoy being alone. Of course, every dog enjoy walks, but let’s make one thing clear. It is very rare to find a dog that will be satisfied with one short walk everyday.

Adopting a dog and saving his life is a wonderful thing but, you shouldn’t think that would be enough for him. Every creature has it’s own needs. So, the procedure should be the following – go to the adoption center, ask the staff there to allow you to walk with the dogs that you like. Pay attention to their reactions while walking – do they enjoy being outside, how do they react on the noise, on other people, on other dogs. Note all this reactions before you making decision. Or even better, wait with your decision for couple of days. You may ask the staff could they bring the dogs that you like at your house to see how will they react there. And then, after couple of days, you can make your decision, and bring your best friend home.


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