Inspiring Stories about German Shepherd’s Heroism

german shepard hero

It really is nice when we hear a story about some kind person that saves the life of a dog, offering him home, food and life-long friendship but, have you ever heard a story when a dog saves someone’s life? No?

Well then, we bring you top 5 inspiring stories about heroic German Shepherds that sacrifice themselves in order to save the life of their owner and sometimes, to save a life of a complete stranger.

1.Lux has give his life to save his owner – The President of Yugoslavia – Josip Broz Tito.

During the battle on the river of Sutjeska, the commander of the Yugoslavian partisans, and later Yugoslavian president Josip Broz-Tito was in a very dangerous situation when bomb fell nearby his location. His life was saved by his loyal German Shepherd named Lux, who in the moment of detonation jump on his owner and cover his torso and head with his own body. This event from June 1943 was published after the war in Tito’s memoirs.

2.Story about the heroic German Shepherd named Sasha.

Another story about the heroism and courage of this dog breed comes from Argentina. One morning during June 2013, a four-year girl named Milena, got out of her house without her parents noticing. She walked in the backyard next door – and there was a swimming pool there so she jumped in. Sasha followed the girl all the way and when he see that the girl has disappear under the water, he began to bark and whine but nobody heard his alerting voices. The dog wouldn’t like to go far from the swimming pool so, he jumped inside and held the girl above the water so she could breathe, until he finally dragged her out of there.

3.Story about Jade and the abandoned baby.

While walking with her owner on her routine walk in the afternoon, Jade, 9-years old German Shepherd suddenly start to bark, whine and run around a bush near the forested area of the park. Her owner went after her to see what is there, and he stand in shock when he saw that Jade was barking on a baby bag with a tiny baby inside it. The police was reported and the 24-hours old baby was send to hospital where she got all the treatment that she need and got adopted by a loving family later.

4.German Shepherd named Noah took bullet in order to save her owner.

Noah was another German Shepherd that was owned by a loving family. While on their weekly shopping, her owner decided that he could stop at the pet store and buy a collar for Noah and some refreshments for his wife Diondra and her three kids, who were waiting inside the car. While Noah and her owner were inside the pet shop, outside on the parking lot, all the hell got loose. Two armed groups start shooting at each other putting the lives of both Diondra and her kids at risk. At the moment when an armed attacked came close to the car, Noah jump in front of him and start barking. He shoot her in the neck and start running away and when injured Noah realized that the attacker is getting away and her owners are safe, she started run toward the attacker but after few steps stopped. Noah was taken to hospital, but she died couple of hours later due to her injury.

5.Story of Ape The Police Hero Dog

During March 2013 the FBI and the State Police were chasing a gunman who killed four people in two different towns in New York. The agents got him cornered in an abandoned bar but, he resisted and start shooting at the law enforcement agents. The first law enforcement agent that went inside the location was Ape, the Police Dog, with a camera attached on him so, the other agents could see what is going on inside. The dog got shot in his chest, but thanks to him, the agents were able to get inside the location and capture the gunman. Ape did survived but because of his injury he couldn’t serve as a Police Dog anymore and was honored by both Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.


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