Unregulated Threat to Your Pet

pet grooming

I learned the distressing news recently that unlike beauticians/barbers who care for peoples’ grooming needs, pet groomers are not regulated by any parent agency. Consequently, just one instance of abuse resulting in the death of a beautiful dog was brought to my attention. It seems that a wonderful family pet canine recently died while being left to “dry by a drier that was set on too hot a temperature by her professional dog groomer!”

I’d always taken my dog to a “professional” groomer but had no idea that they are unregulated by any parent agency. What does this mean to we, the public? This means that dog groomers themselves, (yes, each individual groomer) makes their own rules and standards (or lack thereof) for their treatment of your beloved pet! Had I been aware of this disturbing reality back then, I would’ve performed some very thorough research into the groomer into whose hands I was regularly entrusting my furry best friend!

It seems very sad to me that although our society has passed and is now enforcing laws to protect man’s best friend from the hands of uncaring people who bring them harm, there are still many causes to be fought on their behalf. Our precious fur-people are not able to speak for themselves. They are unable to tell us who would and/or has hurt them, perhaps repeatedly. There are many ways to hurt an animal. Not unlike humans, a pet’s spirit can be broken by a ruthless handler. The many traumatized pets from Hurricane Katrina and other natural catastrophes bear witness to this fact as do the thousands of pets rescued everyday from calloused, heartless puppy mill owners.

At the very least, it is absolutely crucial that every pet owner either know your groomer personally and very well, or stay and observe the entire grooming process. If the groomer does not want you to stay and observe, you do not want that groomer! Do not make the mistake of believing that you will know how your pet is being treated by the manner in which your pet behaves upon your arrival to take him home. He’s far too overcome with excitement at seeing you to be able to give any indication of what may have been going on while you were away.

Treat the process of selecting a pet groomer with the same care and discretion you would use to select a caregiver for your child. Don’t risk having to find out too late the way the owner of the tragically, dried-to-death dog did!


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