Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

by JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, ABC-DT

I have composed this poem early morning while cuddling on my sofa with my Chloe. 

(“Chloe” is 50% Pit Bull & 50% Boxer)



Could I ever love this dog more?
When I adopted her

I couldn’t have imagined all the love in-store.
She follows me wherever I go
and if I’m sad, she seems to know.
She kisses my face and snuggles tight
and rests her head on my pillow each night.
I believe she’s the best friend I’ve ever had
she has no idea how to be bad.
She isn’t happy unless she can be touching me,
and loves me up incessantly.
I’m convinced that she’s an angel in disguise
with a heart of gold and angel eyes.
I’m here for her in every way
for I know she won’t forever stay.
If only her life could be as long as mine
I’d want for nothing but her joy to find.
Her babyhood has already passed by,
knowing that fact brings a tear to my eye.
She’s my angel, my buddy and my best friend
How I wish my life with her would never end.
While I have her, I give her all of my love,
and each night, for this angel, I thank God above.


(©2018 by Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund, ABC-DT)


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