Shocking : Indian Construction Workers build a road over a sleeping dog


Terrible news from India. Construction workers in India have sparked anger after building a road over a sleeping dog.The poor dog died in agony after burning tar was poured over it during work on a road surface near the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Activists say that the dog was sleeping and , rather than being chased off, was burried alive before being flattend by a roller. The construction workers then left the half-buried dog on the road before it was spotted by the shocked ommuters on the morning of June 13th still clinging to life with its hind legs trapped in the freshly-laid tar.

Local resident Virendra Singh said : ” The dog’s legs were buried under the tar and it was giving efforts to get out of it. The workers refuse to break the road in order to remove the dog. It died soon after”.A group of local residents and animal right activists gathered at the site of the incident and staged a demonstration against the Public Works Department (PWD), which is responsible for the road work.

The protesters seized the construction vehicles and halted work, forcing a senior representative of the firm to come to the spot. He expressed regret over the inhumane act and brought in a digger to remove the dog’s carcass.The Ministry of Interior stated that this case has been registered and there will be charges against the firm which was carrying out the road work.


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