Seven Things You Should Know About German Shepherds Before Adopting It

German shepherd

There is no doubt about that the German shepherds are wonderful animals. Those big brown eyes, that beautiful fur and muscular growth made them look like a real teddy bear life, but in the most royal way.

1. They are very intelligent

The first thing that any potential German Shepherds owner needs to know is that German Shepherds are smart, very smart, terribly smart. These dogs are extremely sensitive to human moods. How smart are German shepherds? Not only do they know what a “walk” means, but they can also describe it. Their high intelligence also comes with a desire to please their owners. They want to use their smart in a constructive way, to have a strategy ready to do as much as possible. A boring German shepherd is not fun for all the parties involved. Many of the German shepherds are also shy when they are meeting new people.

2. They can have high-energy needs

German shepherds are temperamental dogs. There is a good reason that they are often used as military dogs and police dogs . They want to have a job to do. Be prepared for very long walks with your German shepherd. Take them to a large park, where they can work at full speed or consider registering for classes agility course.

3. They always need mental stimulation

Long walks can be tired of other races, but not for a German shepherd. In addition to daily exercises, your new German shepherd will also require some mental stimulation. Obedience classes and dog sports can be particularly useful to rescue shepherds. Classes and training give you a bonding experience that builds confidence and helps your dog to figure out their place in your home, and it can help you diagnose any behavioral problems initially.

4. German shepherds are natural guard dogs

Without proper socialization, the German shepherds can sometimes turn into territorial behavior, and even aggression towards foreigners and other dogs. Adopting an older German shepherd means that it is unknown if their previous owner took the time to make friends with them.

5. They are great listeners

No one dog can better listen than a German shepherd. Those radar ears are always prepared to hear your voice, and seeing them tilted head is sure to get a smile out of you, even on the hardest day.

6. They are not perfect for the owners for the first time

German shepherds when they are puppies, they need to be trained. They require training consent and the level of experience, which makes them a bad choice for owners the first time a dog.

7. You can not have only one German shepherd

Adopting a German shepherd may seem like as marvelous decision. What can not be realized is that German shepherds are like chips. You can not have only one. You can find yourself owning a German shepherd the rest of your life, which, in fact, means you have been brought to the German shepherd family – not vice versa.


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