Learn how to properly clean and brush these little but brave dogs !


This race of dog come from China and represent one of the oldest breeds in the world, and they are named after the city of Beijing.The legend about Pekingese says that they were made from lion and monkeys who really loved each other.

For years, dogs were only for emperors, so they only lived in the Emperor’s palace. They were highly respected. The first specimens were brought to England in 1860, and the European standard was created in 1898. The Pekingese average is 15 to 23 centimeters long and weighs 1.5 to 6.5 kilograms.The Pekingese is a dog that has a strong character that makes them excellent patrons and guardians.

They know how to defend well, they are very brave and stubborn. Although they have a restrained character, they are emotional and independent. Sometimes it is difficult to feed them or give them water because they like to keep up to their dominance, so they refuse food from stubbornness.For the love they feel to the owner can become very possessive and jealous. In these situations they will demand that everyone step off from it, but also react to other pets. They know how to bark long and noisy .

Aggression with them is not common, though they can give such an impression with their behavior. These dogs have worked great and needs good for living in an apartment and the yard for them is not necessary. They are walking, and it is good to play with them and strive to preserve their health.Small dogs that live longThe average lifespan of the Pekingese is 10-15 years. They are prone to heart disease, respiratory problems and are very sensitive and easy to cold.

They are prone to colds because they are very sensitive to cold. For this reason it is recommended that they live in an apartment or indoors and that the average temperature is around 20-25 degrees. They do not give the best heat, so it is not recommended to keep them at temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius.To best cope with high heat, you can wrap them with your hair, or scratch the entire surface. Pekingese should be cooked daily because their hair is easily compressed.

For combs you can use a shampoo for dry dog ​​washing, even though these dogs do not have excessively pronounced dogs. In addition to the hair, they need to clean their face and eyes, as well as the paws in which everything can be tainted.It is imperative to cook them daily because their hair is easily compressed.

The best brushes for their hair are those that are not too rough. It is not recommended to use brushes with balls at the top of the needle. You will have more to chew and chew your hair instead of making it easier for you to work. They need to clean their face and eyes and check what’s hidden in hairy whiskers.

These dogs do not rub their tail or ears. Pekingese loves to be well-groomed and you will feel the difference in the mood if they are clean and scratched or dirty. With thorough cleansing and chin, start while the puppy is still getting used to all the preparations and appliances you are using. Otherwise, you might have a nervous dog that will not be cleansed.

Tips on how to clean and brush Pekingese

Start with a thorough cleaning while the dog is still small and use it daily on a brush, but also for swimming. This is how best to start:

-Turn the Pekingese to its back
-If there is a stain, discharge a cloth of hot water and scrape them
-Spray the powder or a shampoo for dry scrubbing
-Rub the dust in the fur
-If he is a male, you can shave his fingers through the genius
-Brush it until each hair does not look like standing alone
-If the fur is not dirty, then it should be rubbed
-Turn your dog to the feet
-Brush it with slight movements in the opposite direction of the hair fall
-Go from the beginning to end of hair


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