If they could speak, here’s what they would tell us


The owner’s love for the dog is words indescribable, and conversely even more – a dog is the only being in the world that loves you more than you. And so do not ever distract from the mind as much as we need them.

Here is what our beloved pets would say to us if they could say:

– Please do not be angry with me if I ever make a mess. I did not want to disappoint you.
– Some people say that my kisses are disgusting, but I give them because I love you.
– I know it’s rude to jump on you, but I do it because I’m happy to see you.
– If I am a hero, remember that you are the person that gives me courage.
– Please, do not forget to spend quality time with me.
– Your life is long, but mine is short and you are all I have.
– If I roll into something stinky, do not be angry with me because you often do not mind your unpleasant smell.
– Thank you for cuddling me and thank you for every adventure we have lived together.
– I know there are bad and good days in your life, but it’s good for me when I’m with you.
– Know that I adore when you are proud of the tricks I learn.
– Although I do not always understand you, know that I love your voice most.
– If I’m crazy, it’s because I adore you to laugh at me.
– When the time comes for forgiveness, do not throw me away, but be with me all the time.
– Perhaps then I will not be a sweet puppy, but your love will take me more than ever.
– I know that you will miss my snoring, as it will spoil your tenderness to me.
– But do not be sad, because the time spent with you was my favorite.


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