Perfect and tested way to prevent your dog vomiting!

dog vomiting

When we talk about dogs, vomiting as a form of illness can occur because the dog may have bodily disorders. Vomiting is associated with the sensitivity of a food’s digestive tract. The food that rests of us and we give them may also be a problem.

The most common reasons why a dog vomits are:
-Bacterial infection of the digestive tract
-Food intolerance
-Changing the type of food
-Parasites in the stomach and intestines
-Acute kidney failure
-Acute gall bladder weakness
-Problems with the pancreas
-Postoperative nausea
-Viral infection
– Medicines
– Hot blow.
In situations where there is an unusual vomiting and that becomes more frequent then the reasons may be:
-Inflammation of the stomach
-Inflammation of the intestine
-Kidney problem
The number of causes is specific and it is not easy to determine the true cause of the dog’s vomiting. So, for this reason, we must be careful about the following:
-Frequency of the vomiting
-Causes of vomiting
-Does the dog have diarrhea?
-Is the dog dehydrated
-Has he lost any weight?
-Does the appetite change?
-Does it refuse food and water?
The most basic measures you need to take to reduce your dog’s risk of vomiting are:
-Don’t leave trash and food scraps near it
– Do not bring chemicals to maintain hygiene.
– Provide them with quality dog ​​food

Regardless of whether it is a food intolerance or for any other reason related to the vomiting health condition, owners must pay particular attention. The causes of vomiting can in some situations be very simple and not very dangerous but be a sign of a serious condition that endangers the life of the dog.

After the first vomit, take the food and water and analyze the dog‘s behavior for several hours. If the dog starts to behave normally after a few hours you can continue with regular feeding for 6 hours depending on the routine established.

When your dog starts to vomit after the first vomiting and after a break of several hours, offer him a smaller amount of water. If he does not recover after a few hours, offer him boiled meat. Meals should be in small quantities and not spicy. If the dog eats this meal and does not recover after one hour, give him a small amount. Repeat this the next day. If after a few days there is no vomiting you can gradually return to a normal diet.


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