Australian Terrier

australian terrier

When we talk about decorative dog breeds we should not miss the breed – Australian Terrier. The Australian terrier originally appeared in the UK and then moved to Australia in the nineteenth century.

This breed was then crossed with the Dundee Terrier, the Manchester Terrier, and the Irish Terrier and from this intersection, the breed was red and cross sand-colored. The standard of this breed was set in 1947.

Interestingly, these are small terriers but have a long head. They can be said to be taller than tall. The Australian terrier has a long and flat back. Furthermore, he has small black eyes, a black nose, and particularly sharp teeth.

Australian Terrier

The Australian terrier, like other species of terrier, is full of energy and requires regular activity to be carried out in a perfectly fenced yard or to be tied up while walking with the owner given the express instinct to hunt for small animals that can take him far away, and the terrier does not know to return.

Australian terriers are cheerful and intelligent dogs. Like any terrier, they have tremendous energy and are adventurous by nature. They are cautious and have good hearing, so they are good guards. Australian Territories always want to be in the company. They are ideal and village life.

Training this dog breed is a more difficult process. This dog breed requires special attention because it has a lot of energy and needs to be repeated many times to learn something.

The average weight of the Australian terrier is 6.5 kg and the height is 25 cm. Their fur should be combed once a week. Those dying fibers need to be cut several times a year so that the terrier can maintain its healthy appearance. Australian Terriers typically live 11 to 15 years.

The diet of the Australian terrier must be balanced. This means that the dog should be fed with natural products or specialty finished products. For this dog breed, low-fat meat, cottage cheese, and low-fat dairy products, eggs and vegetable products will be useful.

Australian Terrier

Australian terriers suffer from limb dysplasia of the limbs. This disease is classified as hereditary. In that case, before buying such a dog it is advisable to study his pedigree thoroughly. If the dog has a tendency to articulate pathologies, it must limit physical activity during growth and development.


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