Top 15 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Best Dog Breeds kids

Who are the best dog breeds for kids? When you have kids and you want to choose the ideal dog breed as a pet, you wonder which dog breed to buy or adopt. So you need to consider what age your children are and what kind of temperament they have.

If you have a daughter, she is more likely to like small and gentle breed,s of dogs, and if you have a son then she would prefer a more temperamental fighting dog. But one thing is very important to say that all dogs require attention.

So for those reasons when deciding to buy or adopt a dog we need to choose a breed that will be kept by the whole family, especially the children. If we manage to bring it all together we will have no problem.

So for this reason, we will suggest the best dog breeds for kids below :

Labrador Retriever

1.Labrador Retriever

Labradors have many similarities to a golden retriever and have an anatomically similar structure but unlike golden retrievers, they have shorter fur. Like the golden retriever, they love to play and adore children.

Scottish Shepherd

2.Scottish Shepherd

For those who aren’t sure which breed the Scottish shepherd is, they should better watch the movie: Lesy returns home. This dog breed is very easy to train, likes to play and makes a protective relationship with children.



Bulldogs are a great pet choice, especially when you have children. The little kids love to play with dogs, especially with this breed. So for that reason, it is recommended the bulldog because it is full of energy.


The Vizsla was originally used as a hunting dog. Many people have not heard of this breed, but the Hungarian jaw is generally considered a great choice for older children who have been playing outside the house for their free time. Vizsla has enormous energy and belongs to the breed of tireless dogs.


There is hardly to find a child in the world who has not to watch the movie: 101 Dalmatians. This dog breed is perfectly a family dog. The Dalmatian puts himself in a protective relationship with children and puts itself in the role of parent.



It may not be so theoretically favored that the Husky is a dog for children, but the practice says something else. The Husky especially love to play with children. You have to be careful not to frighten children when the husky roars like a wolf.

Best Dog Breeds kids

7.Shar Pei

The Shar-Pei breed is big-breasted and is a great family dog. Although they are smooth, want to play, they know just how to act. Although they have specific barking and may look dangerous, they do not belong to the category of violent dogs. They find it difficult to trust someone and the owners should not be surprised if this dog breed does not come close to their friends.

Best Dog Breeds kids

8.Golden retriever

Golden Retriever is very smart, intelligent, likes to play and has a great deal of respect for young children. By nature, they are attentive and have a great sense of how they should behave in the presence of children and as adults. It is characteristic that this breed can be easily trained.


Poodles are pretty smart dogs but at first sight, they don’t look like that. They are usually the best choice if you have female children as they too often adore poodles. This breed have nice fur and require regular care.

Best Dog Breeds kids


The Beagle breed is a great choice if you have kids. These dogs are small but very strong. For the first time, this dog breed was used for hunting but today is a great choice if you live in a house and have a yard.

Best Dog Breeds kids


Newfoundland dogs are not so well known in some world areas but it is certainly one of the best choices for parents with children. This breed of dog is larger in structure, protective of children, and deserves the adjective: a babysitter by nature because it can play the role of childcare.

Best Dog Breeds kids

12. Irish Setter

The Irish setter is not so well known in some world areas but is a great choice for a family dog. The Irish setter has long fur, tremendous energy, and tremendous loyalty.

Best Dog Breeds kids


Bobtail belongs to the group of dog breeds that you can choose for your children’s pets. By nature, they are calm and good-natured and can often make surprises. These dogs require more care for their fur.

Best Dog Breeds kids


Bichon is a low-growth dog breed. These dogs can be great pets for your children and can be kept in a relatively small area. They are quite energetic and smart and will never be bored with them.

Best Dog Breeds kids

15.English Cocker Spaniel

This dog breed is not a classic breed that would be recommended as a favorite for children but is certainly a toy and a family dog for adults. They are distinctive in their look which looks like hope.

When you welcome a new pet into the family, give them your consistent and love. Your child also will enjoy learning the way to interact safely and respectfully with animals. Do not forget to make a family schedule for walking, playing, feeding, and grooming! With sweet, loving dog breeds for kids, your crew won’t be ready to imagine life without their new family member.


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