Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Sometimes you wonder if your dog wants to eat a banana. Rare are those dogs that do not like bananas. Our pets, especially dogs, love to eat bananas because they are rich source of potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, biotin and copper.

Bananas also contain a small amount of sodium and cholesterol, but because of their sugar content, dogs can only eat one a day.

You can always give the dog bananas without a decoction, but you must not give them in larger quantities or pieces so that the dog does not have stomach problems.

You should consult a veterinarian for any dietary experiments. According to veterinarians, some breeds of dogs like bananas and some do not. If the dog is not allergic to them, you can serve bananas as a snack.

In addition to the fact that you can give the dog a banana chopped as a piece, you can also give it to him mixed with his regular diet, give it to him in a little butter with peanuts and you can also give him the frozen banana.

Like other fruits, bananas contain natural sugar. Excessive banana intake can lead to weight gain, which can lead to other health problems. Ninety percent of your dog’s daily calories should come from dog food, and the other ten percent should come from the diet we practice.

How many bananas are too much?

Small breeds should not eat a reel, two a week, puppies only one thin reel of banana, and larger breeds, dogs that weigh over 15 pounds to half a banana.

Our advice is to avoid giving too much banana to your dog.


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