How to Determine Mixed Breed of Dog Without a Pedigree

mixed dog breed

Is a mixed breed dog the Perfect Pet for You? Dogs obtained by mixing several breeds are usually playful, unique and loyal companions. Anyone who owns a dog obtained by mixing several breeds knows how fun it is to guess which breeds of dogs have been mimicked to give birth to your little furry friend.

Some dogs that are a mixture of several breeds are easy to identify who are their parents or ancestors, but others have a long history that you cannot easily detect. In both situations, your dog will be very affectionate and loyal to you, will give you a lot of love and will possess all the good qualities of his parents and all his ancestors.

Try to find out the origin of your dog that you are not sure what breed he belongs to so that you can better understand his needs, temperament and possibly prevent the diseases characteristic of the breeds of dogs from which your pet was born.

Compare your dog with other breeds

If you want to know which breed you come from, take a look at pictures of purebred dogs to get an idea of what your dog looks like. Find the breed of dog that most closely resembles your body characteristics.

You should be guided by the following parameters: hair length, dog size, fur color or eye color. If your dog has one blue and another brown eye, it is very likely that one of his ancestors is the Siberian Husky – a breed that most often encounters the phenomenon of different eye colors. Tiger, tricolor or light fur is a feature of a small number of dog breeds, so the color of the fur can help detect the pets of your pet.

Consider in detail the characteristics of standard dog breeds. Read about shepherd dogs, terriers, birds, hunting dogs, badgers, escort and entertainment dogs, and other breeds. According to the parameters of purebred dogs, you can more easily compare the similarities and differences and determine which cross-breeds your pet came from without a pedigree.

Ask an expert for an opinion

Ask a veterinarian, dog trainer or grouper what they think your dog is reminded of. Their many years of experience and work with various purebred and mixed dogs can help you determine the origin and ancestors of your dog mixer. While their answer may be just a guess, they certainly have a better insight into the physical and behavioral characteristics or behavioral characteristics of many breeds of dogs than you do as an owner.

Analyze your dog’s behavior

Watch your dog’s behavior and reactions for a while. Be careful how you play and how you react in different situations. Each breed of dog is characterized by certain behavior. For example, retrievers like to carry objects in their mouths, selfish ones like children, Dobermans are loyal and good watchdogs, badgers like to dig holes in the yard and elsewhere, bikes are playful and easily connect with owners, cockers and beagles smell everywhere. and looking for clues. The mixed behaviors of different breeds of dogs are the most beautiful features in mixers. Their temperament and character are always unique.

DNA testing

If you really want to know what breed your pet comes from, and you have the financial ability, the best and most accurate method is genetic testing. With a DNA blood test from a veterinarian who is an expert in the field and has technical capabilities, it is possible to determine which breeds are involved. But sometimes the results are not complete, although this method of determination is still the most reliable.

If the dog mixer was born by crossing two purebred dog breeds, the test will be completely accurate, but if several breeds of dogs have been mixed for generations, it is difficult to determine the exact origin of the dog.

If you don’t know the origin of your mix, don’t despair. It doesn’t matter. Enjoy his company and your dog will reveal something new about his personality every day. Be proud of your pet because he is one and only, unique and unique.

Because these dogs are special and unique, due to their unknown genetics, your parents will surprise and delight you every day because together you will discover its unique nature and temperament. Enjoy the spontaneity that this process brings and discover what kind of wonderful pet dog you care about.


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