Do you annoy your dog?

Annoy Dog

Are you annoy your dog? Although most people consider dogs to be family members and best friends, we all need to be aware that dogs are animals that interact with us and the world in a completely different way. In order for us to be their best friends, we need to learn their language, and we can only do this by observing the dog and his behavior.

If we listen to them well and carefully, we quickly realize that there are things that bother them that we constantly do. Below, read about three things we do and do to dogs that they do not like.

Heating – For people, hugging is something really special. It’s enough to just hug someone and get all the hard stuff gone, at least for a moment. But in dogs, the story is a bit different. They do not like being hugged because in their world it is a sign of dominance. If a dog “leans in” on another dog and wraps it in its paws, this is how it shows dominance.

Touching its head – We are sure that your dog adores your every touch, but dogs generally do not like it when you pat them on the head and nose. In them, this causes discomfort because it also shows the dominance through which your palm subdues the dog. This should be especially avoided if you approach an unfamiliar dog as the animal may feel threatened. The dog is best combed on the back and above the tail.

Freedom of conduct – People often crave freedom and dislike schedules and rules. In dogs, this is not so. They adore the routine and any bounce from it will confuse them terribly. Don’t be free to change your mind when it comes to dog training. If you have forbidden him from climbing on the couch, do not change this rule simply because you have just bathed your dog or because you are cared for at that point. Follow the rules you have set and your dog will appreciate it.


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