Top 30 Dogs that Don’t Shed

Dogs Don’t Shed

Which breed of dogs don’t shed? Anyone with a dog who sheds too much knows how hard is to handle a dog’s hair can be. She hangs on couches, pillows, chairs, and worst of all, on clothes. Not only does your house look messy, but dog hair is also full of allergens. So Non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs are a great choice for you.

We are going to present to you 30 breeds of dogs they don’t shed and it is important to note that these dogs are especially suitable for those who are allergic to dog hair. We divided them into 3 categories: small, medium, and large size of dogs that don’t shed.

Small dogs that don’t shed
1. Poodle

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A poodle is an ideal dog for an apartment because, in addition to almost no shed, it also has no unpleasant smell, so, no one would assume that you have a dog in the apartment.

However, because of its health and quality of hair, it needs to be combed and combed regularly. She’s a real lady among dogs.

They are also great keepers because they do not trust strangers too much, and you will be loyal, loyal, and loyal friends. They are torn, cheerful, and ready to play.

2. Chinese Crested Dog

Dogs Don’t Shed

Chinese Crested dogs don’t have hair except on the head, tail, and legs. Although athletic they can lie all day in the house. They are extremely social and tend to read the mind of their owner to please him. So they try to adapt to everyone and that makes them great pets.

These dogs don’t shed and have almost no hair maintenance requirements. However, care must be taken with the dog’s skin as it is exposed and vulnerable to irritation, allergies, and sunburn.

3. Schnauzer (Miniature)

Dogs Don’t Shed

This breed has hypoallergenic hair and is very easy to maintain. Most owners regularly trim their schnauzer, leaving hair only on the chin, mustache, eyebrows, and legs.

Hair loss in this breed is minimized. He is, in character, a wonderful dog. Very loyal to his family and adaptable to living in an apartment. They are also highly customizable to their owners and are closely monitored and behave according to your needs.

So if you’re in the mood, he’s able to play with you all day. Unless you are, they will lie with you in the house.

4. Maltese

Dogs Don’t Shed

Maltese Dog has beautiful white silky fur, but you won’t find his hair over your furniture or clothing. These puppies grow to just four pounds. They are very lively, intelligent, and playful. They are very affectionate and loyal to the owner and not at all nervous.

The coat of the mortar is completely white and very similar to human hair. People who are allergic to other types of hair can handle it very well. Maltese do not change hair seasonally, but will only fall out during combing, which must be daily.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

Dogs Don’t Shed

Most terriers are known for non-shedding and longevity. It’s a miniature breed. This dog weighs an average of 5 – 7 pounds. Yet they are generally unaware of their size. They are brave, loyal, adventurous, and quite intelligent.

Their hair is constantly growing, so they look good with a variety of “hairstyles”. They are suitable for living in an apartment or at home, but they need at least one long walk per day. If they are not active enough, they may start to exhibit problematic behavior.

6. Lakeland Terrier

Dogs Don’t Shed

This breed originated from “worker” terriers guarding farms against foxes and other pests. They are usually very confident, solid, and active. Their fur is double, thick, and firm.

These dogs don’t shed much, but they need regular maintenance in the form of combing and combing. Lakeland Terriers are excellent guard dogs as well as loyal companions. They require a daily walk.

7. Shih Tzu

Dogs Don’t Shed

You should do their haircut once a month because their hair grows fast. The great thing about this breed is that their hair is rarely falling out. This dog is small, playful, and brave. He is also called the “lion-hearted dog.”

At the same time, he is very loving and loyal to his family. He is loyal to his owner and enjoys spending time with him. In general, it goes well with other animals, but also with children, with care to be taken when it comes to younger children so that they do not play with the dog more roughly.

8. Italian Greyhound

Dogs Don’t Shed

This breed is the easiest to maintain. They minimally shed, requiring only a good wipe with a towel to keep their fur silky and shiny. Although many people think they can only be gray, this is not true. There are various colors of Italian Greyhound.

They are great for living in an apartment because they do not need a yard. What you need to take into account is that they have a very short and delicate coat and are therefore very sensitive to cold weather.

9. Norwich Terrier

Dogs Don’t Shed

The Norwich Terrier has a waterproof fur that is pretty tattered. It is medium in length and the line is very small. They are originally from England, where they were used as fox hunters and other pests.

Their small size allowed them to wrap themselves in at least fox burrows to drive them out. They are brave and active dogs, extremely calm. They are very rarely irritated, so they are great family dogs.

10. Basenji

Dogs Don’t Shed

One of the oldest dog breeds in the world Basenji is great for living in an apartment and small spaces for many reasons. Basenji dogs do not bark, are great for beginners, almost do not bark, require minimal care with hair.

So with the fact that they rarely , and keeping their hair reduced to one comb a week or one short pass with a soft brush, they can be a great choice for living in an apartment. Basenji dogs are also referred to as non-stinking dogs.

The characteristics of Basenji dogs are curious, energetic, intelligent, kind, careful, and playful. Therefore, a Basenji dog can be a great choice for anyone looking for a puppy that has a low litter, leaves no odor, and requires minimal maintenance. One requirement of these dogs is daily physical activity.

Medium Dogs that Don’t Shed
11. Portuguese Water Dog

Dogs Don’t Shed

The Portuguese water dog is very obedient and loyal. As the name implies, they like to play in the water. The muscular build and the special kind of paws help them swim. They enjoy playing and walking and are extremely durable. They come from the Portuguese Algarve region. Their fur is slow to grow and minimally wrinkles. It is hypoallergenic and does not require too much maintenance.

12. Labradoodle

Dogs Don’t Shed

This hybrid species is rapidly gaining popularity among dog lovers. It is a mix of Labrador retriever and standard or dwarf poodle. These dogs have inherited the best traits of both species. They are smart, friendly, and moderately active.

Their flabby and tattered fur almost does not linen but requires care. Like other hybrid types, they have more appearance types. Some look more like labradors and some look like poodles. They should generally be cut every 8 to 12 weeks.

13. Schnauzer (Standard)

Dogs Don’t Shed

Schnauzers have a distinctive appearance with a pronounced “mustache”. These are strong and healthy dogs with sharp, minimal hair. They come from Germany. Schnauzers are great companions and will keep you up to date wherever you go. They are extraverted in temperament. These are dogs of a big heart, brave, feeling boundless love for the owner.

They are very adaptable and sociable, gentle to the kids, but don’t forget that the terrier character can be a bit out of place. They are grateful for living in an apartment, do not shed, and do not have the typical smell of a dog.

14. Irish Terrier

Dogs Don’t Shed

Their fur is sharp and stiff, with a soft inner layer and does not line often. They need to be cut but not too often. This type of terrier is a great guard dog and easy to train. They get along great with the kids. Many hunters also use them in hunting. They are great pets for any home, provided you take them for a walk at least twice a day.

15. Puli
Puli dog

The Puli breed has unique fur. They line up a bit, but as they get older, more attention needs to be paid to their fur. The biggest challenge with this breed is how to keep them clean. They are like giant rags and a magnet for leaves and twigs. They are originally from Asia. After bathing, their fur dries for hours. They are active and playful.

16. Whippet

Dogs Don’t Shed

They are characterized by soft and silky hair. Whippets are easy to maintain – just rub them with a towel and their fur will glow. They do not shed too much and do not have an unpleasant dog smell. They look very much like a little Italian greyhound. Whippets are the ultimate sprinter cheetahs in the dog world. The owners describe them as affectionate, affectionate, calm, and intelligent dogs.

17. Kerry Blue Terrier

This breed terrier has a soft, thick, and wavy coat. Kerry Blue Terriers are minimally shed and require hair cutting only once a month. They are a unique color that is often blue-gray but varies between light blue / gray to dark blue/gray. Kerry Blue is a true guard dog. They are smart and well-suited to coaching dominant owners. They are energetic, strong-willed, and enjoy an active lifestyle.

18. Lagotto Romagnolo

This breed has frizzy and thick hair. It is easiest to maintain them by cutting them short. Otherwise, their hair is easily tangled and you will have to combing them all the time. These dogs rarely shed.

They are very social, love people, and are ideal family dogs. Lagotto Romagnolo need a lot of exercises and enjoy outdoor activities. They are very popular in Sweden, whose nation is known for active living. These dogs are considered by many to be the perfect combination: intelligent, non-lazy, hyper-allergenic, and active.

19. Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

The top layer of fur is rough and is accompanied by a thick bottom layer. These dogs are lanky but do not shed. It weighs 15 to 20 kg. As the name implies, they originate in France. They are independent and sometimes they can be stubborn. This breed is strong, compact, and short-legged. Although low, they are very heavy because of their compactness.

20. Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan terriers are characterized by their long and wavy hair. Their fur is very tender and soft. Although they do not shed too much, they need to be combed regularly to prevent their fur from getting tangled. They also have unique paws that allow them to walk lightly in the snow. If you are a fan of snow sports or looking for a dog for a cold climate – the Tibetan Terrier is ideal for you. Legend has it that they originate in Tibet’s “lost valley”. They were considered holy dogs and symbols of happiness.

Large Dogs that Don’t Shed
21. Standard Poodle

Poodles are great dogs that line a little. Regardless of their sophisticated appearance, family dogs are ideal. They were originally used to bring water to hunters from nearby rivers or lakes. Some poodles can weigh up to 35 pounds. The owners describe them as elegant, greasy, and smart dogs.

22. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

The fur of this breed is crisp and tufted, giving it a messy look even after a haircut and comb. They shed very little, and their medium length hair does not require combing too often. These dogs are extremely good at swimming and running. They are energetic and require a lot of movement. The owners describe them as friendly and confident dogs.

23. Airedale Terrier

One of the biggest terriers, Airedale requires combing several times a week. Their lines can be almost completely eradicated by regular combing. To be happy, they require a lot of movement. The owners describe them as friendly and social dogs.

24. Komondor

At first glance, this dog looks like some technical gadget invented to wipe the floors. This is a rare breed. They are used for keeping livestock, but lately, they have become domestic dogs. The owners describe these dogs as independent, protective, and intelligent.

25. Bouvier des Flandres

There are very few breeds of this breed, but keep in mind that dust and other dirt collect in their fur. They were bred to be livestock dogs. Bouvier des Flandres are large and tufted. They are strong enough to haul carts, smart enough to guard livestock and dominant enough to be guard dogs. They are moderately energetic but love exercise and walking. The owners describe them as protective and smart dogs.

26. Goldendoodle

This is a hybrid breed created with a mixture of golden retrievers and poodles. Their hair requires a haircut every two months but has taken minimal shed from the poodle. This mix is gaining popularity worldwide. Family dogs are ideal. They are also trained to be guides for the blind, therapy dogs, or dogs looking for explosives. The owners describe them as friendly, gentle, and greasy dogs.

27. Giant Schnauzer

Great Schnauzer

Although they require combing once per week, they minimally shed. The largest of the three schnauzer breeds, they are large dominant dogs. Most experts do not recommend them for families with children under the age of twelve.

They require at least 2 walks a day. If they do not have the necessary stimulation, they can become impossible to control. The owners describe them as loyal and playful dogs.

28. Irish Water Spaniel

Another of the big dogs, which are a bit lazy, requires regular combing to keep their fur from becoming stained. They have very long hair, so bathing several times a year is not a must. That way, their fur will be neat.

Their hair is not hypoallergenic which makes them suitable for people suffering from allergies. These dogs require a lot of movement. The owners describe them as playful and brave dogs.

29.Black Russian Terrier

They are a relatively rare species and are known as the “black pearls” of Russia. These dogs look fancy with their beautiful black fur. They don’t shed too much. They were raised in Russia to be the perfect “working dog”. Scientists in the Soviet Army bred these dogs to guard the borders with the soldiers. With that in mind, these dogs require a lot of exercises, running, and walking.

30. Saluki

Ancient Egyptian royal dog Saluki is considered a great pet because they are agile, beautiful, quiet, and easy to maintain. One problem is that they like to run, they can run fast. They like to rush for everything so they should always be on the leash during the walk.

Saluki dogs are intelligent, independent, withdrawn, quiet, and loyal. These puppies like to be clean and tidy. Saluki breeds minimally shed, almost drooling and leaving no dog odor.

Maintaining them comes down to one combing a week and the dog will be healthy and nice.


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