Dog Poisoning by Medicaments

Dog Poisoning

Medicament poisoning in dog is the reason for visiting a veterinarian in 50 percent of cases. If they are accessible to them, medical remedies used in the therapy of pets themselves or used by owners pose great danger.

Medications are useful, but if the doses are exceeded or even used by those who are not intended for dogs and cats, the consequences can be extremely serious. What Medicaments can be poisoning for your dog and what to do if that happens?

Some substances in medicines are extremely toxic to pets, so only one dose can lead to very dramatic and life-threatening situations. Almost all medications are attractive to pets. Some play with the packaging they open or bite, and then swallow the pills and capsules.

Most medicines have a tempting color, smell, and shape, so they are a special challenge for pets. In our homes, there are traditionally a large number of medicines, whether the owners use them for chronic diseases, or on the principle of “God forbid“. The list of these drugs is very long.

Medicament poisoning can be acute, as a consequence of the immediate intake of drugs containing dangerous substances, or as a consequence of inadequate or long-term use of drugs in therapy.

Acute almost instantly affects the health of pets and can cause death in a very short time. On the other hand, the long-term use of medical remedies in incorrect doses causes damage to important organs and organ systems, which drastically affects both the quality of life and the lifespan of the pet.


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