Best Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Cat Friendly Dog

Who are Cat Friendly Dog Breeds? Dogs and cats do not have to be sworn enemies, but they can get along wonderfully and be true friends. Pet owners have long been divided into two camps – cat lovers and dog lovers. However, there are quite a number of those who have houses and cats in their home, and they confirm that cats and dogs can get along well, make friends, and love each other.

Avoid terriers, greyhounds, and shepherds

If you have a cat or cats in your home, and you are thinking of getting a dog, even if you want it to be a purebred dog, the most important thing is to first find out which breeds are known for their mild nature and friendliness. American cynologists advise that you should not think about dogs from the group of terriers, because although they have an instinct in their blood to chase and hunt rodents, fast and agile cats can start that hunting instinct in them.

Also, greyhounds have the same characteristic. Shepherd dogs are characterized by the ability to gather and direct everything that moves in the house – the owners, their children, and even cats, who can find this hard and boring. Of course, generalization should always be avoided, because every dog ​​is an individual for itself and, if it grows up with a cat, it can be its best friend regardless of the breed, but this is a general recommendation.


Owners must also keep in mind the age of their cat. If she is older and therefore of a calmer temperament and likes to spend time napping, the puppy will surely “get on her nerves” playfully and full of energy.

When we talk about the breeds that best experience cats in terms of experience and character, the list looks like this:

Basset Hound

Cat Friendly Dog

This breed is widely known for its loyalty, patience, and calmness. Well, only their look, which we often call sad, says it all. Training dogs of this breed can be a bit challenging because they are quite headstrong, but since they are very sociable, calm, and tolerant, be sure that they will get along wonderfully with your tits-cat.


They are raised to go hunting in packs, so it’s in their blood to love being surrounded by other animals, and they don’t necessarily have to be dogs. Beagle is cat friendly dog  too. They are always cheerful and in the mood to play, they are very friendly and it is easy and nice to live with them. They are full of love for all the family they live with and will love the cat as an equal member of their pack. The only drawback of these adorable dogs is that they are loud barkers.

English Bulldog

Cat Friendly Dog

Although we remembered the animosity between Tom and the bulldog in the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, that is not the case in reality. In fact, it is quite the opposite. English bulldogs are known for their mild nature and sociability. They are friendly to all creatures – both human and animal.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cat Friendly Dog

This breed is known as the one that best adapts to all conditions, they are very attached, gentle, and full of love for everyone. Although they are not much bigger than a cat, they will not be afraid of it, because although they are extremely sensitive, these are not timid dogs. They also cat friendly and love other dogs, so your house will be full of love and friendship.


Although we said at the beginning of the text that shepherds are not the best choice, that does not apply to the Scottish Shepherd (the famous and beloved Lesija). Their love for little ones has been known for centuries, but these dogs love the company of all living beings, so they will live in harmony with cats and other dogs. As much as better! They love to be active, to run, and to play, so your cat will have a best friend to play within this dog breed. Just keep in mind that they are barking.

Golden Retriever

Shy Dog

When you say dog, many have this breed in mind. Golden Retrievers are known for their friendliness, they adore children, dogs, and cats, and life with them is happy and full of love. They are mild-mannered and always friendly, so if you give him enough walks and activities during the day, he will enjoy the home with the cat and will be happy to take a nap next to it and play with it.

Labrador retriever

Cat Friendly Dog

Although much larger than a cat, these dogs are known to be very sociable, always in the mood to play, socialize, and as friends with all living things. They adore children, they will get along wonderfully with cats and other dogs in the home. They are gentle, intelligent, and want to please everyone. In addition, they love to play, so your pets will never be bored.



It is about the same size as a cat and is known for its ears, which look like butterfly wings. They are always cheerful and playful, they are very curious, so they are similar to cats in that, they gladly get involved in every family activity and love to play. Rest assured that it will get along wonderfully with your cat.


Cat Friendly Dog

Anyone who has seen a pug at least once knows how friendly, cheerful this dog is and how much he likes to play and fool around. Their small body is full of love for everyone, they have a very pronounced character and they adore attention and companionship. When you are not at home, they will enjoy the company of the cat and will be happy to play with it.


According to animal behavior experts, puppies and kittens go through a period of socialization during development, when they learn not only how to behave towards humans, but also towards members of their own or another species. In case the dog (or kitten) grows up with a benign member of another species, if only they are close to each other, without unpleasant consequences, during the sensitive period (from the fourth to the eighth week of life for cats and from the fifth to the 12th week for dogs), nor will it, as an adult, fear or attack a member of another species.

Advise +

Here are the most important tips on how to get a cat and a dog used to each other:
– The most important thing is for the dog to learn the basic commands, if he doesn’t know them – “sit”, “wait”, “come”. This is important so that you can control the situation during the first meeting.

– The first step in getting to know each other is getting used to the smell of a new “roommate”. Let them take turns in the same room in order to get used to the fact that there is someone else in the family beside them. Once they get used to it, they are ready for the next step.

– Try a controlled face-to-face encounter. Put a leash on the dog, let him sit next to you and give him a treat. Have another family member or friend bring the cat to the other end of the room and feed her as well. Keep them at a safe distance and keep in mind that more short encounters are better than fewer long ones. Repeat this until the dog and cat get used to the presence of the other and begin to accept the other animal in the room without fear or other forms of unwanted behavior.

– The next step is to allow the cat to “explore” the dog at its own pace and at will, while it is still on a leash and sitting at your command. If he gets up, restrain him, and then reward him for listening to you. If a cat runs away or becomes aggressive, it means you are progressing too fast and you should slow down.

– A dog must learn not to treat cat-like other dogs and not to be rude. Try to encourage positive behavior, not to punish it whenever the cat is in the room, because that way you can produce a counter-effect. * Until you are sure that the dog and the cat have accepted each other, do not leave them alone.


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