5 Most Athletic Dog Breeds

Athletic Dog Breeds

All dogs enjoy walking, running and playing, but some breeds are still known to be bigger athletes than others. We have learned for you which breeds cannot live without a job and which, in addition to regular walks, running and playing with other dogs, should also lead to agility, exercises and competitions in obedience. Add frisbee to your regular activities.

The races that are rated as the best athletes are:

Australian Shepherd

Athletic Dog Breeds

Or the Australian cattle breeder, as he is often called, found himself at the top of this list. This dog was bred to lead herds and lead animals in the desired direction, so it is clear that he was created to cross kilometers every day, to run and to have a task. In the United States, this dog is the most common herd keeper. He is an extremely active dog, an intelligent and hard worker. They are excellent competitors in agility and obedience exercises. If there is an athlete or adventurer owner, he will gladly go running, jogging, hiking with him… This dog is very sociable, loves people and hanging out with other dogs, and will always want to go outside.

Number: They need 30-60 minutes of intense exercise during the day

German Shorthaired Pointer

Athletic Dog Breeds

One of the favorite dogs in our country, this beautiful birder is an excellent athlete! He loves to be active, and thanks to his exceptional intelligence, he will easily learn everything you show him. He was raised to be employed for several hours during the day, primarily in hunting. Their task was to catch birds shot by hunters on the ground and in the water, and these dogs, even when they are pets, like to run, swim and walk for a long time. They are calm and friendly and will be happy to accompany you in all sports activities.

Number: 12 – 15 years is the average life expectancy of these dogs

Border collie

Athletic Dog Breeds

The smartest dog is also one of the best athletes and working dogs. This breed is gladly seen as a shepherd dog, but also as a competitor in agility, obedience exercises, a hard worker on the farm with any assignment assigned to it by the owner. They love to be outside, to train, run, catch frisbees and play with other dogs. He loves people, but when he is a pet, you have to keep in mind that if you want your dog of this breed to be happy – he must have a task and a lot of physical activity during the day.

Number: 1,000 words were known by the most famous dog of this breed named Chaser

Jack Russell Terrier.

Athletic Dog Breeds

Also known as the jumping ball in the canine world, this small but lively dog ​​has inexhaustible energy. He is also extremely intelligent, so he will learn tricks with ease and great speed, he will love throwing a ball or a frisbee with you, going to agility classes. Also, they will be happy to accompany you in running and jogging as well as in hiking, because with miles of walking they will enjoy the various scents of nature and thus satisfy their innate curiosity. These are confident dogs who are up to date with all the happenings and are always ready for adventure.

Number: 1.5 meters high can jump out of place


Athletic Dog Breeds

Apart from its hair, the beautiful Weimaraner delights with its strength and endurance. This is a hardened hunting dog that is used to working hard and hard. Well, no wonder it originated in Germany. They are active, intelligent and fearless dogs who love to follow their owner in all activities and meet new dog friends. Although extremely energetic, their movements always exude elegance, and the people you meet while walking, running or hiking will surely envy you for such a beautiful and dignified pet.

Number: 32 – 39 kg are heavy males


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