Does My Dog Know When I Am Drunk?

Dog sense drunk people

If you remember your teenage days when you tried to sneak past your parents without noticing how you drank a little more alcohol at a friend’s party, you know that you didn’t have much success.

Well, your dog is just like your parents. They are always “break-in”. Luckily for you, he won’t judge you too much, but don’t be mistaken, there are many signs that he knows you’re “on gas”.

Strange smell

Dogs are known to have a better-developed sense of smell than humans. Some sources say that it is even 40 times stronger! That’s why they smell everything. If they can smell the presence of carcinogenic cells or pregnancy, they will easily smell alcohol in your breath and even in the pores of the skin. You can’t hide anything from your dog!

Body language

If you are under the influence of alcohol, there is every chance that you will move and behave differently. Your dog will notice it. Your voice can be a few octaves higher. You may stay in front of the fridge longer or search for your phone without success. If you laugh more than usual, it is also a sign that something strange is happening. It can happen that you run into a chair, stumble or clumsily try to take off your clothes. Every change in your behavior and movement is a signal to him that something strange is happening to you.

Changes in communication

If you do not belong to the category of people in whom alcohol causes aggression, you will probably be much warmer and closer in contact with your pet. The dog will be at least confused by your sudden need to chase him around the house to hug him. A sudden expression of great affection and love that you do not normally show in a “sober” state, can be a signal to him that something is wrong. Don’t be surprised if he tries to escape from your embrace. If you are able, try to minimize any uncontrolled movements and behavior around your dog. He knows something is wrong, but don’t give him an extra reason to feel scared or threatened.

Routine changes

If you are used to your dog going for a walk before going to bed, in this state you will hardly be able to carry out this daily routine. And that is a sign that something strange is happening. In the first place, you will sleep longer. Waking up is burdened with a hangover which is reflected in a headache, slower and more difficult movement, skipping some common procedures, lack, or avoidance of communication… Be sure, your dog will be the first to notice it. What is good, he will not object to you as your wife will. If you take him for a walk right away, there are two benefits: you will avoid unpleasant questions and bad answers, and a walk in the fresh air will help the effects of drunkenness disappear faster.


Alcohol has a very bad effect on the health of dogs. Depending on the amount he ingests, many problems can develop, including conditions that cause death. Keep all alcoholic beverages out of the reach of dogs. Although they do not like the taste and smell, curiosity can lead to serious consequences. Especially pay attention to the various desserts that contain alcohol, as well as fruit liqueurs.


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