6 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Physical Condition

Improve Dog Physical Condition

Did you know how to improve a dog’s physical condition? Take your dogs with these tips on fun and leisurely physical activities. Regular exercise is incredibly important for your health and fitness, but it is also necessary for your pet.

The more active your pet is, the healthier it will be. You don’t necessarily have to take your dog 5 miles daily, but there are a few simple ways you can improve your pet’s physical fitness – and your own!

Hiking power

When you take a dog for a walk, how much effort is simply put in? Chances are good to take your dog for a light walk that gives him time to sniff but doesn’t do much in terms of exercise. To improve your dog’s fitness, you may need to increase your speed – aim for something between 15 and 20 minutes per mile.

At that speed, you should feel like you’re doing a good job and your dog may start to gasp. Do not worry! This is normal – if your dog starts to show strenuous breathing, however, you may need to stop to rest.


Jogging with your dog is not something you can easily jump into, especially if your dog is not used to vigorous exercise. Dogs love to run, but you should take the time to build their endurance by taking them to short races several times a week, gradually increasing the length of the races.

Start each yoga with a short warm-up time and watch your dog make sure he is not turning. By the time you and your dog can carry three or four 20-minute runners a week, you can start thinking about increasing mileage – don’t increase faster.

Agility training

Agility training is not only a great form of exercise for dogs, but it can also be fun for them. Weaving through poles and running across planks helps develop muscle coordination and keep your dog active. If you don’t have access to an agility course, you don’t have to build it yourself – use low walls and fences, railings, and other existing dog course items.

Active playback

Another great way to increase your dog’s physical fitness is to engage in active play. The game fetch can keep your dog running, and also give the two of you some quality time together. Other active game options include tug and hide games. To make your dog really run, throw a volleyball or hit a tennis ball with a racket for your dog to catch it. You can also try to play these games in hilly areas where your dog will have to spend a little extra effort.


Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that will keep your dog moving. Most dogs love water, so they will easily engage in this type of exercise when given the opportunity. If your dog needs a little encouragement to get into the water the first few times, try throwing a ball or toy.

Creative exercise

In addition to the above options, there are plenty of other options for creative exercise. For example, you can try training your dog to catch a Frisbee that will give you a chance to combine periods of play with exercise.

Another great option is to take your dog with you on a bike ride – you can keep him riding behind you on the bike. This will allow you to take the dog for much longer walks/runs than you would otherwise be able to.

Keeping your dog active is essential for his health and well-being. I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to engage your dog in more exercises to improve his ability.


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