How To Groom Your Dog’s Fur Perfectly!

Dog Grooming

Fur is a dense growth of hair that covers the skin of many animals. It consists combination of oily protective coat at the top and a thick lower subcutaneous coat below. The protective coat retains moisture and keeps the animal warm under the skin.

Animal fur has several vital functions:

• protects the skin from negative influences from the external environment;
• protects the skin from parasites;
• prevents fluid loss from the body by regulating body temperature;
• protects the animal if it finds itself in a dangerous situation (animals secrete adrenaline that causes hair to ruffle).

Your dog lost its fur due to the influence of various external and internal factors. Due to the
harmonization of body temperature with the outside, dogs release old dead fur. The process of releasing fur is constantly noticeable. Fur loss is most often described by dog ​​owners as more or less intense, depending on the change of seasons.

If a pet loses fur evenly, it is a healthy physiological change.

Dogs need to brush their fur regularly. Experts recommend that fur maintenance be started as early as possible, as early as around the third month of age. In addition to maintaining the fur, it is recommended to examine the dogs, in order to establish changes in the skin or body in time.

Regular fur maintenance reduces the amount of fur balls that form in a dog’s stomach. Since dogs clean themselves by licking, they take large amounts of fur into their digestive system, which can cause stomach problems.

Food that is rich with fiber improve the digestion, and thus expel accumulated hair from the dog’s abdomen.

Most dogs will allow combing and maintaining fur on the back, while the part under the armpits, on the abdomen and between the pads on the paws often creates problems. Regular grooming and brushing of dogs enables the removal of impurities from the hair and skin.

Shaping fur for dogs involves shortening the fur with scissors, a clipper or a trimmer. Shaping the fur of dogs with scissors means a straight haircut or thinning hair. The dog fur clipper is used to shorten the hair on the neck, around the ears and on the abdomen. Trimming or trimming hair is trimming the hair over a sharp knife. This pulling removes dead hair and allows healthy hair to regenerate. This method of haircut is applied when it comes to sharp-haired pets.

Experts point out that it is important to know which parts should be groomed and which should be trimmed, so it is best to leave it to a professional groomer, ie a person who deals with grooming and grooming dogs.

Professional grooming of dogs is a job that requires a high degree of contact with animals.
Grooming dogs is a very demanding and responsible job, so it is not recommended that owners doit alone. For every dog ​​haircut, it is best to turn to professional hairdressers, because they do it better than us, they are more professional and professionally trained in manipulating dogs during haircuts and hair care.

Grooming dogs is a great hygienic procedure. Hygienic dog grooming involves the removal of fur that causes problems for the pet. In addition to hygienic reasons, dogs are also groomed for aesthetic reasons.

For each race there is a special way of styling the hairstyle and the way it is cut. Special attention is paid to the grooming of dogs that go to shows.

It is recommended to regularly comb the dogs in the period between visits to the groomer, because in that way the entanglement of the hair is prevented. Haircuts require knowledge, accessories and skill. Although some breeds are more demanding, regular grooming means going to a “hairdresser” for dogs every two to three months.

The salon is most often visited by dogs with long hair, such as poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians, because such fur implies constant and regular care. It is important that the pet gets used to the routine of going to the groomer for tidying up as soon as possible.


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