21 Interesting facts about dogs!

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On the way to domination in the world, long before the people raised cattle and camels, bison, sheep, goats, they created an unbreakable bond with the animal that will become their partner on the path of civilization, and the most faithful friend. It is not easy to make a view that poodles and Labradors, Chihuahuas and Spaniels evolved from wild wolves, but that is exactly what most scientists believe.

A dog is the only animal that has a natural place next to its master. The humans and the dog were connected for thousands years ago. They hunted together, fought wars, lived together in the first big cities, traveled as nomads.

A dog is an animal that has a sixth sense, developed empathy, and unconditional love. But the dog still has many interesting traits and legacies, so that entire volumes can be written on the subject.

We present to you the 20 most interesting facts about the most favorite pets. Enjoy and have fun!

1. There are more than 340 breeds of dogs in the world

Determining how many breeds of dogs exist on the planet is harder than it seems. If we take the FCI (Federation of Cynological International) as a reference, there are more than 340 standard breeds. But, since other associations also have to add some information, the list will be endless in the end.

2. The quietest and the oldest dog in the world: Basenji

The Basenji breed is special for many reasons. Not only have they generally considered the oldest breed in the world, but they also bark the least. The reason is that pools are not able to emit “traditional” barking. Instead, basins combine the sound of laughter and prolonged yodeling. It is a unique sound in the canine universe.

3. The Border Collie is the most intelligent dog in the world

One of the most interesting breeds is also the most interesting fact: The Border Collie is the most intelligent dog in the world thanks to its great ability to recognize and assimilate commands during training and education. Also, his versatility in learning tasks is unmatched. Due to the high level of canine intelligence, they need a human guard who can meet the requirements of such an active and smart dog. The poodle is second on the list of the smartest dogs in the world.

4. Distinguish colors

Despite popular belief, dogs do not see only black and white. In fact, dogs distinguish between blue, green, yellow, and gray.

5. They have more teeth than humans

Puppies have 28 teeth after they have fully developed by the eighth week of age.
Adult healthy dogs have 42 teeth, with six incisors and two canines in the front, and many molars and premolars in the back of the jaw.

6. Puppies are born blind and deaf

When they are born, they are absolutely irresistible and see absolutely nothing and hear nothing, because their ear canals and eyes are still closed. The puppies usually open their eyes and respond to sounds after about two weeks.

7. Three dogs survived the Titanic

Three dogs, two displaced and one Pekingese survived the sinking of the historic Titanic in 1912. According to historian J. To Joseph Agent, the dogs most likely survived thanks to their size.

8. The tallest and lowest dogs in the world

The tallest dog that lived in the world was a Great Dane, called Zeus. In accordance with the name, he reached the Olympic height of 1.1 m and thus entered the Guinness Book of Records. Miraculous Mili was entered in the same book, but as the lowest puppy ever. Chihuahua Mili was born in 2011, she was nine centimeters tall and weighed half a kilogram.

9. A dog can smell your feelings

The dog’s sense of smell is almostly 100,000 times better than a human’s. And that is why it is not surprising that they can smell fear without a mistake. When a person is afraid, he sweats, and the dog can easily smell the sweat.

10. Obesity is the number 1 health problem in dogs

11. In 1957, Laika became the first living being in space, while Charlie, the terrier of John F. Kennedy, is the father of four puppies with Laika’s daughter. Sounds like a telenovela.

12. The year of a dog’s life is not equal to seven human years

This oft-repeated equation seems to have no basis in fact because humans and dogs age at different speeds. A one-year-old dog is in middle and late adolescence, which is not equivalent to a seven-year-old child.

13. Dogs probably dream

We can’t ask our pet how he slept and what he dreamed, but scientists suggest that dogs dream. People dream in a condition called rapid eye movement (REM phase), and dogs show the same type of brain activity during sleep. So when they twitch, “paddle” with their feet, and make sounds in their sleep, they are probably dreaming.

14. Different dogs attract different people

Did you know that if you are single, a golden retriever will give you a better chance of meeting than a pit bull? So think about your lifestyle and choose a race that suits him.

15. Dogs drink with the back of their tongues

Since they don’t have cheeks, dogs can not absorb water as we do, so they move their tongue back very quickly to create a swing that draws water into their throats.

16. They snore more than cats

Does your dog snore? If so, you are not an isolated case. It is estimated that 21% of dogs snore, which is an impressive percentage compared to 7% of cats.

17. Research has shown that talking and cuddling with a dog can lower blood pressure

18. When dogs hit the ground with their paws after urinating, they actually use the olfactory glands on their paws to further mark their territory!

19. When Rome fell, human survival became more important than the breeding and training of dogs. Legends of werewolves appeared just at that time when abandoned dogs traveling in packs often wandered the streets and scared the villagers.

20. Dogs have a sense of time

They have been proven to know the difference between one and five hours. If they are conditioned, they can even predict events, such as regular walking time.

21. They are irresistible

No way to resist him when he begs you for a treat? This is because dogs, no matter how old, have baby-like traits, like that warm look, playful behavior, and they think we chose them for just that: to be cute to us.


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