Samoyed, the laughing dog!


Shaggy dogs that the world has gone crazy for. A small number of people actually know the origin and strange name of the race. Some call them “white huskies”, “white wolf” or “laughing dog”, because of the specially stretched lips, like a smile.

It originates from Russia, where a nomadic tribe from northern Siberia was called the Samoyeds, and when the race was created, the name was adopted, although it was originally called the Samoyed Sabaka. The legend of the Samoyeds says that the Samoyed tribe originated in Central Asia more than 3,500 years ago. They lived with their dogs, which were not white, but yellow, like sand. Due to the invasion of numerous enemies, they fled with their dogs through Mongolia and reached the ice-bound Arctic. The dog’s fur begins to fade in the Arctic sun and becomes snow-white. That is when the Samoyed as we know it today was born.

The tribal people used this breed to hunt deer, then they decided that they were also suitable for sledding. From their fur, which falls off due to the thick undercoat, they made clothes and shoes. Fur traders brought the “smiling Sammy” to England in 1889, and since then he has become one of the most sought-after breeds. Many forget that this dog was created for colder landscapes and harsher climates, which is extremely pleasing to him, and it is difficult to get used to temperatures higher than 15 degrees, due to the double coat. This dog with almond-shaped eyes and extremely shaggy, soft fur has become very popular around the world. He was even hired for advertising purposes.

Samoyeds can also be cream-colored

Here are some interesting facts you probably did not know about Samoyeds:

– There used to be black Samoyeds, but they were carefully selected and the snow-white, creamy and biscuit-colored ones remained.
– It is one of those races that must be constantly preoccupied with something, and leaving it to “manage” on its own in creating entertainment is not recommended. You may even notice him getting bored in the yard and waiting for you as a “partner in the game”
– A Samoyed named Etah participated as a leader in the first expedition to the South Pole
– It belongs to one of the ancient breeds of dogs (out of a total of twelve) that are descended from wolves
– As is mentioned, his fur is used for making clothes and setting shoes, because it has hypoallergenic properties, but what is little known is that it is also used as a fishing hook!
– Actor Denis Leary tried to give the original name to his Sammy, so he called him “Little Bastard”
– As with all dogs, it is forbidden to feed him, sweets, due to the possibility of blindness, but especially Samoyeds should not be given beans, green beans, and potatoes.
– They have such a deep bark, that you think they are either trying to sing or talk to you, although some people try to teach them to say at least one word.
– If you owe a Samoyed as a pet, you are lucky. This dog does not have a very strong dog smell, which is found in some dogs
We hope you are a proud owner of this breed, if you are not and if you have a pet in the plan, be sure to consider taking one Semi, because this breed is suitable for all ages, very obedient, loyal and will reward you every day with his Semi smile.


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