Can dogs eat mushrooms?


Dogs like to grab some of our food. Because we love mushrooms, our dogs have many opportunities to grab them while we are not watching. Before allowing a dog to eat mushrooms, you need to be sure that dogs may eat mushrooms. The answer to your question is somewhat expected – some mushrooms dogs can eat, while others should be avoided.

What kind of mushrooms can dogs eat?

Not all king of mushrooms are good for dogs. Dogs cannot digest toxins, and you should be extremely careful what kind of dog you are allowed to give. We recommend that you do not give your dog wild mushrooms. If you come across them while hiking, you should not allow the dog to eat them. If you are a seasonal mushroom hunter, you probably know which species is safe for you and your dog, but never let your dog eat the ones you’re not sure about.

Poisonous mushrooms

Only a small number of fungi are poisonous. However, those that are poisonous are very toxic. If you are not a seasonal mushroom hunter, distinguishing between poisonous and non-toxic mushrooms can be difficult. Veterinarians advise you to treat all eating wild mushrooms as a potential danger. You should call the vet.

What kind of mushrooms are safe for dogs?

There are mushrooms that dogs can safely eat. Most of the food that people eat is safe for dogs, but you need to be careful with the preparation process. We like to prepare them with oils, onions, garlic and other spices that are not safe for dogs. If you want to give your dog mushrooms, make sure they are plain and spice-free.

Are mushrooms good for dogs?

The good news is – mushrooms are full of healthy nutrients. They can offer our dogs and us many important things that we need in our bodies. Not only are they delicious, but they are also full of amino acids, vitamins, magnesium, manganese, potassium, folate, pantothenic acid, enzymes, iron, thiamine, zinc and niacin. These are not all the nutrients that this food contains, so it is clear that they are very healthy.

Can mushrooms be bad for dogs?

Unfortunately, anything not given to dogs in controlled amount can be dangerous for them. If you prepare the mushrooms with oils and other spices and give to your dog, they may have digestive problems. Onions and garlic can be very toxic to dogs, so be careful not to give them to your dog. Keep in mind that whenever you give your dog any “human food”, it should be thoroughly cooked and prepared out of season.

If you suspect that your dog has eaten a poisonous mushroom, consult a veterinarian immediately. Be sure to monitor your dog carefully and look for these symptoms of mushroom poisoning;

• Salivation
• Weakness
• Lethargy
• Diarrhea
• Ataxia
• Seizures
• Vomiting
• Jaundice
• Abdominal pain

In the end, the worst case scenario can happen;

• Coma
• Liver failure
• Death
Should I give my dog ​​mushrooms?

Giving mushrooms to a dog has some potential benefits, but you need to make sure that you know how to prepare them safely and what types are safe to eat for you and your dog. Most species in the store dogs can eat, but only if they are prepared without spices and thoroughly cooked.

If you do not know the exact species and you are not sure they are safe to eat, you should not let your dog get close to them. Dogs could try to eat them and eventually get poisoned. A better choice would be to give your dog something he can easily eat, such as apples or pears.


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