The most popular asked questions about the Golden Retriever!


When we talk about adopting a dog, there are many doubts that come to mind, and we think about a very important decision that we should not make without prior investigation. Before we set out to address the most common ones, ask yourself the following:

Do you have the resources to offer your new partner the best quality of life?

Here we mean time, money, and dedication. If the answer is yes and it is already clear to you that the dog that suits you best is the golden retriever. You have opted for a gentle, balanced, and very sociable breed of dog.

Does a Golden Retriever drop a lot of hair?

This dog breed loses a lot of hair constantly and loses even more during the molting season. If you don’t like it or have an allergy to dog hair, it’s better to look for a dog breed that doesn’t lose as much hair, like a poodle. Hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed hair are more suitable for you.

I have small children, is it a good idea to have Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers can be great pets for families with children as long as appropriate precautions are taken. Although Golden Retriever is well-known to deal with children, never forget that they are still big dogs and that if they get angry they can do a lot of harm to a child. In addition, due to their size and tempered character, they can injure young children with no intention of doing so.

Therefore, if you want to get a Golden Retriever, you need to make sure to properly socialize the dog with children, adults and their entire environment, and raise your children to interact with the dog without harassing it. Many dogs are abandoned or euthanized because they bite children who abuse them. Never expect a child, or even a teenager, to be able to take full responsibility for an animal if you have not raised it for it.

How do golden retrievers get along with other pets?

It depends on the genetics and experiences of each individual. It also depends on how the other pet reacts to the dog. If you want gold, and you already have another pet, you can find a puppy and educate him so that he is not aggressive towards another animal. You will also need to educate the other pet not to react aggressively to the newly arrived gold. Another option is to adopt an adult dog that you know gets along well with your other pet’s type. If you adopt a dog, it is possible that the protector has assessed his reaction to other animals.

How many exercises does a golden retriever need?

Like hunting dogs, golden retrievers need a lot of exercise. They need games, walks and, if possible, the possibility of swimming. Intense exercise, such as agility, is good for healthy adult dogs because it helps them release stored energy. However, they are not recommended for puppies and young dogs (under 18 months) as they can cause joint damage. Older golden retrievers should also take a walk, but always without forcing strenuous exercise.

Are Golden Retrievers bark a lot?

Generally not, but they bark a lot and can get destructive if left alone for a long time or if they get bored.

Do they tolerate hot climates well?

In answer to this frequently asked question about the golden retriever, we can say yes, as long as the climates are not extreme. In any case, it is not advisable to exercise them intensively during the hottest hours of the day (around noon) if you live in a warm place as they may experience heat stroke. In this case, it is better to leave intense exercise for times when it is less hot, such as early morning or late afternoon.

Do they tolerate cold climates well?

However, you should not leave your Golden Retriever outdoors thinking that its fur is enough. The Golden Retriever should have a moderate place where it can shelter from extreme weather conditions. It is best to live in a house, with you and your family.
Are Golden Retrievers by nature easy to train and obedient?

It is true that Golden Retrievers are easy to train dogs when appropriate methods are used. For best results, we recommend clicker training. No dog is obedient by nature, and the behaviour of each individual depends on the education acquired by the owner.
Keep in mind that although Golden Retrievers are easy to train, training takes time and requires dedication. If you want to train your golden one yourself, visit our guide to discover the keys you need to consider when raising a puppy.

How fast is the growth of the take for Golden Retrievers to grow? And how long can I live?

These are the two most frequently asked questions about the Golden Retriever and other dogs, as basic grooming varies depending on the age of the dog. In answer to the first question, golden retrievers physically mature for about two years, but their final character usually does not appear before the third year. As for the second question, the life expectancy of this breed is around 10-12 years, but some golden retrievers live much longer, reaching 15 or more years.

My golden retriever has frequent ear infections, how can I avoid it?

Golden Retrievers, like some other breeds of dogs with drooping ears, have frequent ear infections. To prevent this, you need to clean your dog’s ears often, as directed by your veterinarian. If you think your dog has an infection at this time, you should take him to a veterinarian to make a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Can I have two or more Golden Retrievers?

Since Golden Retrievers are social, it is possible to have two or more of these dogs. However, before you form a Golden Retriever team, you need to make sure you have enough time and space. Two dogs give more than twice as much work as one, require more economy and need more space. If you want two dogs, go ahead, but make sure you offer them a quality life.

Is Golden Retriever better than Labrador Retriever?

This is a common question among those considering adopting a puppy that loves both breeds. The only correct answer is: none. Both Golden and Labrador Retrievers can be excellent hunting dogs, pets or service dogs. In addition, they have similar behavioural characteristics. So, if you like both dog breeds and don’t know if you’ll opt for a Labrador or a Golden Retriever, choose the one you like best and that’s it.

My vet disagrees with the information on the internet, who should I trust?

Without a doubt, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about golden retrievers, and sometimes our veterinarian may not like the information on the Internet. Well, if that happens, you should know that in everything that has to do with the health and care of your golden retriever, you must listen to your veterinarian.


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