Rescued leopard cub is now being raised by dog in a Zoo in Vladivostok

leopard dog
via Yuri Smityk/TASS

A Central Asian Shepherd and the rare leopard cub became best friends, after the leopard cub was rescued from its mother who had killed it’s siblings.

Milasha, a leopard cub who was taken away from his mother because she had eaten her three previous babies was paired with a golden retriever foster parent.

Now, she feels very comfortable around canines, especially when she is with her best friend – Elza the Central Asian Shepherd.This amazing duo is a really big hit for the visitors of the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia.

leopard dog
via Yuri Smituk/TASS

“There is a big infatuation between Milasha and Elza” – said the zookeeper in charge – “The leopard is very comfortable around the dog, probably because she was being raised by the golden retriever Tessa.”


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