Based on your Zodiac,what is the perfect dog for you?

dog zodiac

It is a fact that we cannot love all the dog breeds equally and we have decided to ask for help from the astrology in order to find the suitable dog breed for every zodiac sign.


As leaders of the zodiac, Aries is both independent and intelligent and the suitable dog for this sign would probably be a some breed that can learn quickly and make his own decisions. Our pick is the German Shepherd, energetic yet intelligent dog who will be eager to learn all the tricks that you will show him.


As this sign can go way deeper than the surface just to be seen, we will pick the Bernese Mountain Dog as suitable dog breed. This dog will make all those people on the street stop you just to take a closer look of the unique markings and the silky black coat.
This gentle beast will sit in your lap and he will give you the warmest hugs ever.


People that are born under this sign would prefer to be at five places at once and to talk to fifteen people in the same time. But, science didn’t reach that level yet.
With all those energy and charisma, our pick for the most suitable dog for the Gemini will be the Welsh Corgi. Why? Because this herding energetic dwarf just loves to be engaged in any social activity.


Can..cers most of the time are retreating in their shells and because of this, our pick for the most suitable dog breed for this sign will be the Basset Hound. Why? Because this dogs respects the short walks and will more prefer to enjoy the comfort of their own homes.


This sign is not shy at all, that is for sure. With his warm personality and willingness to show love, we have picked Golden Retriever for the most suitable dog breed for this sign. We all have Leo in our life that we love, but we also love Golden Retrievers,right?


Virgo is both energetic and methodical and that’s why we have picked Border Collie as the most suitable for this sign. Imagine how fun will the walk in the park be with this two.


Libra is a sign that has both a justice and balance, but on the other hand the Greyhound are the dog breed that were loved by poets, artists and kings. Libras and Greyhounds both with independent spirit and sweet temper are the perfect match.


Let’s be honest. We all love Scorpios, even though they know to be a little harsh but there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe they just need a dog that reflect their personality. We are picking the Border Terrier for this sign.


This sign is adventurer and every adventure is even better with a dog. For this sign, we are picking the dog with the most adventurous spirit – The Australian Shepherd. This dynamic duo you could see chasing each other up mountains and across fields.


The hardest worker of the zodiac must have a working breed dog by it’s side. Our pick for this sign is the St.Bernard. This gentle giant that was bred to help up with rescue missions will be the perfect match for the Capricorn because they are both energetic to work together and to blow off some steam afterwards.


When this sign is on a mission to save the humanity he need to have the perfect four-legged sidekick on his side. This time we don’t have Hong Kong Phooey in mind but we could agree that Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would be the perfect match with this sign. They are twins, but one of them is canine.


For this artistic emotionalist we have picked the Poodle as the most suitable dog breed. They are both elegant, gentle and sometimes fragile. There is no doubt they are going to be best friends.


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