How to train your dog where to go to toilet?

dog toilet

If your dog is still using your living room as his bathroom, we hope that this article would help you. As you know, puppies shouldn’t be separated from their mother until they are 8 weeks old. For that time, they should learn many things from her, including basic hygiene habits.

Once when you brought a puppy home, it should probably know that it cannot go to toilet anywhere he wants, but mostly outside or on a designated spot in your house/apartment. But, besides that, every puppy could make a mess from time to time. You should remember that the puppy is couple of months old and it is on the level of a small baby. It cannot holds as much as you wish.

In the beginning, the puppy usually eat 4 to 5 times a day, because his stomach is not developed enough to process bigger quantities of food at once. You must take the puppy outside (or on the designated spot for toilet) early in the morning, when it wakes up. Walk with him until he finish the job, praise him and give him a reward (treat).

You should repeat that every 2 hours (after every puppy meal). The reason why you should give the puppy reward and praise is because the puppy would learn – “Peeing outside, getting a treat”. We bet that it would pass short amount of time, and your puppy would wait for you in front of the main door so you could take him outside for toilet break.

If the puppy is doing mess inside the house, you should NEVER punish him with pushing his nose in the urine or the feces. The puppy doesn’t know why are you doing this and it will never understand what he done wrong. If you catch him red-handed, you should say “NO” and take him to the designated spot for that. But, if you discover the mess afterwards, do not punish the puppy. It already forgot what happened and punishment is never the solution. Arm yourself with patience, and everything will be all right in time.

If you puppy is using different spots inside the house as his toilet, you should clean and wash in order to remove the bad scent and to prevent the puppy going back to the spot. But, if your puppy is using the same spot inside the house as toilet, you should do the following: Take some newspaper outside and place it on the ground.

Put the puppy on the newspaper and wait until it finish his job. In time you should decrease the size of the newspaper, but don’t forget to praise and give treats to your puppy. After some time, you will not need to use the newspaper at all, because the puppy would learn his toilet spot.


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