Shocking: South Korean cooks the neighbor’s dog and invite the neighbor to share the meal


Farmer in South Korea killed and cooked a dog that belongs to his neighbor, and the invite the unsuspected owner and his family to a dinner.

As told to the police, the farmer was irritated by the dog’s constant barking and he threw a stone towards it. The two-years-old Welsh Corgi loose consciousness and the farmer strangle it and cook it. He then invited the neighbor’s family to share a meal at his house, in the southern city of Pyeongtaek.

The Welsh Corgi’s owners were handing out leaflets, containing the dog’s picture, phone number and promised reward of one million won (around $950), in order to find the missing dog. When they reach out to the farmer’s house, he expressed sympathy and join them in the search for the missing dog. At that time, he was still keeping the dog, either dead or alive, in his barn.

The following day, the suspect visited the dog owner’s, drank with them and consoled them over the missing dog. He also invite the whole family for a dinner at his house, but the owner’s did not accept because they were vegetarians.

Animal rights activists started various campaigns in order to stop the dog meat consumption. According to the new law in South Korea, animal abusers are facing two years behind bars or 20 million won fine (around $19.000).

Dog meat was on the main ingredient of the South Korean cuisine, but this trend has declined after many of the younger generation embrace the idea to keep dogs as pets, instead of livestock, and in the last decade this trend has become something of a taboo amongst the population.


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