12 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Pets

getting dog

The advantages of owning a dog is not only one they are many. Nothing can be compared with a long walk with your four-legged friend in the fresh, spring morning, or watch the joy on his face when you take the ball, and he knows that it’s time to play in the nearby park!

There is an old thinking, which is certainly true, that pets especially dogs return ten times the given love to them. Before you hurry up and take a dog, it’s important to think about it rationally . The possession of a dog involves a lot of work and is a commitment to your whole life, since your dog will depend on you for many, many years.

Once you determine that you have the time and that your lifestyle allows you to bring the dog into your life, and you have already begun to ask about the different races and characteristics of dogs, it is time to consider all the advantages of owning a dog.

Did you know?

1. Studies have shown that dog owners have lower pressure, lower cholesterol than people who do not have a dog, and that they are less likely to have more or less health problems.

2. Dog owners generally have a stronger immune system, which helps them recover faster from diseases and viruses. In fact, dog owners rarely visit a doctor from people who do not have a dog, and they are more likely to use medicines less often.

3. People recover faster from disease, and even have a higher percentage of survival in a heart attack if they have a dog.

4. Children with furry friends are less absent from school due to illness.

5. Children with chronic illnesses are usually more easily treated with treatment when they have a dog.

6. Dogs give us the power of emotional wealth thanks to the unconditional love they provide, which is why dogs are such a wonderful society and consoled to people who live alone.

7. A dog can help the owner recover from personal trauma, such as a severe loss of a person.

8. A dog can help the owner with mental health problems recover and feel better.

9. Getting into regular walks with your dog really increases the level of your fitness and helps you maintain your health!

10. Walking a dog often means meeting other dog owners – which means you can make new friends at the same time as your dog!

11. Walking offers you valuable escape from everything and spend some time with your faithful friend.

12. In addition to all these serious benefits, dogs are also a source of fantastic fun. They can make you laugh, they will welcome you at the end of a busy day, and it will be almost always there when you need an encouraging embrace!


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