For owners, the death of a dog can be more difficult than losing a relative or friend

death of dog

If you have ever worst situation about losing your loved pet, you will know that how sorrow can be surprisingly strong. As much as you have tried to rationalize that you have only “lost” a pet, the truth is to complain about a friend and family member.

For owners, the death of a pet can be very difficult. When people who have never had a dog see how their friends lost their pets, you probably think that this is an over-reaction, but that is just a dog.

Those who have lost their four-legged friend know the truth – your pet has never been ‘just a dog’.

An irresistible strong relationship as no other

What is the point with the strong friendship between people and dogs ? In the beginning dogs adapted to life with people 10,000 years ago. They did very well – they are the only animals that have developed to be our friends and companions.

Dogs give us unconditional love and maybe that is one of the true reasons why our connection with them is stronger than with people. They are selectively breeding through generations to pay attention to humans, and MR scans show that brains are responding to praise from their owners equally as well as on food (and for some dogs praising an even more effective food boost). Dogs recognize people and can teach themselves how to interpret human emotional states by expression of their faces. Scientific studies also show that dogs can understand human intentions, try to help their owners, and even avoid people who do not cooperate with their owners or treat them well.

It is not surprising that people react positively to such unconditional love, help, and loyalty. Just looking at dogs can make people smile. Dog owners have a better life and are happier, on average, than people who own cats or are without pets.

Dogs are a member of a family

Our firm attachment to the dogs was subtly revealed in the recent study of the “wrong name”. Renaming occurs when someone is called by the wrong name, as when parents mistakenly call one of their children by the name of their brother and sister. It turns out that the name of a family dog is also mixed with family members, suggesting that the name of the dog is extracted from the same cognitive “pool” that contains other family members.
Losing a dog can also seriously disrupt the owner’s daily routine deeper than losing most of his friends and fellow men. For the owners, their daily schedules – even their vacation plans – can spin around the needs of their pets. Lifestyle changes and routines are some of the primary sources of stress.

Therefore, if one of your neighbors remains without your pet, do not mock or undermine their sorrow for loss. It is natural to mourn and go through the process of having a four-legged friend. Most owners after a certain period of appeasement acquire a new pet because they are already accustomed to this unconditional love, waving the tails and cheerfulness brought to us by those furry creatures.


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