Golden Retriever – the most favorite dog in the world !

Golden Retriver

Golden retrievers are old rase and are first recognized in the 19th century. Lord Tvidmut, who in 1865 joined the yellow labrador of a retired curly hair with today’s extravagant tweed water spaniel, is credited with their emergence.Later he crossed the additional breeds and created a gold retriever who officially entered the books in 1903.

After enrollment in the book, an association that runs the book of breeding of this breed is formed, and the breed is becoming more and more popular. It began to spread across England, America, and in the 1990s the twin screw reached almost all of Europe. Today, a golden retriever with labradors is considered the most favorite breed, but among the most numerous. They are particularly common in Scandinavia.The Golden Retriever was originally used for hunting. It was used to bring the killed birds from where their name came from – retrive = return, bring back.

Breed and Standards Differences

Over time and with the development of kinology, two different breeds of golden retriever – show type and work type are formed.The difference between the American and British Golden Retriever, although the standards are almost the same. The ecophysial breed has bigger canes of broad jaw, deeper breasts and shorter tail. The American standard is smaller than European, while the Canadian standard gold retriever has somewhat darker hair.

On average, these dogs are active, strong, calm and benign. They are known for their obedience and intelligent behavior. Males are on average up to 61 centimeters, and females up to 56 centimeters. Their weight is on average 25-34 kilograms. Their muzzle is strong, wide and deep, and a black nose that can be illuminated in the winter. Their eyes are dark brown, medium in size.The colors on these dogs are, of course, golden or cream paint, while some breeds a little darker. Their hair is flat and wavy with a waterproof undercoat.

Temperament that you will fall in love with

Golden Retririvers are known for their good behavior, intelligence and charm. These are quiet dogs who are very patient and easy to pull. They love children, other people, but also other dogs and can not qualify as good guards. Of course, reaction to another dog or person will depend on your reaction, and the owner will be willing to protect it. They will not react aggressively, but will let you know that something is unknown in the vicinity. They are attached to their lord, but also to the whole family. They are loyal and confident that it also makes them the most favorite family breed.

Training in these dogs should not be a problem. These dogs love to meet the owners’ conditions, and are also very patient to learn everything they want to show them.General commands such as “sit, lie, and not” teach them quickly and easily. These dogs can be trained to show dogs and competitions as they will enjoy playing with you while you are learning a variety of tricks. As they are attached to the owner, with this kind of play and jewelery you create a special connection with your gold retriever. Be a strict and confident master from the very beginning.

These are dogs who, like Labradors, like a lot of games, running and space. They want to listen to the commands and love to run and play. If you think you will not have enough space for a gold retriever, do not close it in the apartment. Inactivity and lack of open space could become depressing, irritable and destructive. These dogs need constant attention and love, so if you think you will not have time for this kind of pet, we do not recommend that you decide on the purchase. Like labradors, these dogs especially love water, swimming and anything that can be connected with water. They enjoy jumping in water, swimming, and just sitting in the water.

Maintain thick and soft hair

The hair of the Golden Retriever is medium in length and smooth and is easy to comb and difficult to loop. The only problem your golden retriever could do is to get in the mud because they love to work.Puppy hair changes up to 7 months of age and only after that is the real hair. Retrievers are bitten twice a year, while some breeds have a hair that is constantly decreasing all the time. During line-ups, we recommend intensively and daily brushing to get rid of as much as possible.

The upper layer of hair decreases throughout the year, but not excessively. For brushing, we recommend that you get different brushes for the upper and lower hairs.Until the alignment period takes place, brushing twice a week should be quite sufficient. Use a firm brush that first removes a large, flaky hair and then use a delicate brush that will give a beautiful glow. Practice your bathing once in 4 months as there is a more sensitive skin that could cause irritation if you are too often exposed to water and shampoos. In case of need, you can use a dry shampoo for shampooing or excessive dirt.

Take care of many diseases

The Golden Retrievers are not rase of strong health dogs and in the health condition and they are quite sensitive to many diseases.The most common diseases in this breed include: stomach swelling, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, thyroid disorders, allergic skin diseases and dermatitis, food allergy, eye blurredness, diabetes and glaucoma.
Golden retrievers live between 10 and 13 years.


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