What does your dog’s different bark mean?

bark meaning

Dogs usually bark for several reasons: when they want to warn, when they feel bored , when they are upset or stressed, and sometimes with pleasure. Find out what your dog wants to tell you with his barking.

By continuously fast middle-frequency barking, the dog actually wants to call the rest of the pack, because there is a potential danger, actually maybe someone comes to their territory.
To keep an unknown person at a distance, the dog will produce several deep barks, sometimes even with a physical attack.

With prolonged or uninterrupted waves, with moderate or long intervals between, the dog wants to say: “Is there anyone? I am lonely and I need friendship! ” Some races, especially those who are less barking, are inclined to wander, for example, Khaski or Alaskan Malamute.
When a dog briefly and sharply crashes with a medium frequency once or twice, it is happy that he sees you and welcomes you.

You may be surprised by the fact that dogs on average understand about 165 human words. Although they can not speak, dogs are always trying to communicate in their way. Take a look at the results of a study that reveals the importance of each type of barking to your dog.

“This is important”

You can determine whether your dog is excited if you hear the rhythm of his barking. If it’s barking “fast”, it’s trying to tell you that something is urgent. If the barking of the dog is “amused”, with longer pauses, it means that the dog is not interested.

“I am lonely”

When your dog feels lonely, his barking will be long, with breaks between each set of barking. The dogs are very often ashamed, and in this way they want to tell you that they are beside you and need your attention.

“Come closer”

If the dog wants to tell you that it is safe to get closer, it will start barking with a lighter voice. This tone of voice is often associated with small animals, so the dog wants to tell you it is not dangerous.

“Hold on to the side”

Surely you know instinctively when a dog does not want to get close to him. The most common sign of this is rye.


Dogs usually mingle once or twice, with a higher frequency when they want to greet. This also means they are happy to see you.

“I need…”

Your dog will tell you that he wants something with a crying that ends with a thin voice. The more often and louder is the rattling, the more your dog is attached to what it requires.

“Let’s go”

On the other hand, sneezing which gradually melts without obedience is a sign that the dog wants to go outside or waiting to throw the ball to play.

“I am here”

Curl is a sign that your dog requires attention. Sometimes this way the dogs say that some territory is theirs.


When your dog is upset, it will use a short and quick bark with a thicker voice.

“I’m sorry”

When your dog sighs, he may tell you that he has given up something. Like people, it releases tension from a stressful situation. Very often sighs are a sign of sorrow.

“I’m happy”

When the dog barks, sometimes it is a sign of happiness. It is therefore important to interpret them in context with the situation.

“Let’s play”

When your dog barks dashed, he wants to tell you that he is playing and that he wants to have fun with you.

“I am afraid”

Short barks are a sign that the dog is afraid of a situation. In this way, it recognizes its fear.

“I am not stoping”

When a dog keeps barking for a long time, it means he is confident about a decision and the signal he wants to send. This means that it is ready to fight if necessary.

“Follow me”

Your dog will curl if you want to follow him.

“Take care”

If your dog barks quickly 2-4 times, with breaks between sets, it tries to attract you attention. It does not necessarily mean that it is frightened, but wants to be more careful.

“I am surprised”

Your dog will lick once, fast and high if he is surprised.

“I am hurt”

Dogs react when they feel pain. This is about physical and psychological pain (guilt or fear).

“Get ready for defense”

When your dog wants to prepare you for a potential threat, it will start to bake slowly, with a rickety tone in your voice, to warn you.


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