Pit Bull – Кiller or nanny – finally discovered !

Pit Bull

Pit bull. It is usual name, but again sounds so scary? Why do people with disapproval react to the selection of this dog breed?

Why so many people pretend to write Pit bulls without a thought as a dangerous, almost evil dog? In fact, it is a dog that can be very caring and attached, especially to children. That’s why the Pit bull got a nickname in the UK – a nanny.

Okay, maybe the root of prejudice lies in the history of these dogs that have been created over a century ago with the goal of being a bloodthirsty, battle beast. Only the name “pit” indicates the ring in which dogs are organized . Even today, we constantly read the news that Pit bull “got a girl”, “hurt a woman”, “attacked a neighbor” … But every expert will explain – if the dog is aggressive, in 90% of the cases is guilty his owner.

When we are already on the road (which is less frequent), by which we would unravel the myths, it would not be a shame to break up a few more fears that these dogs are in humans. One of the main stereotypes is that Pit bulls attack people more often than other dogs.

When we know all this, then we should not be surprised by the fact that the Pit bulls are the most abused dogs in the last 20 years. Even 70 percent of them are subjected to euthanasia in urban asylums only and exclusively because they belong to that race. We should not be surprised by the fact that in many countries breeding Pit bulls is today prohibited by law!
The very used term “Pit bull” in the world is often used extensively, as a term involving several breeds of dogs with similar characteristics, such as the American Pit bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Stafford Bush Terrier and mixtures of these races.

The roots of the breed Pit bull came from England during the early nineteenth century. It was created by crossing the old English terrier and an old English bulldog with the intention of creating a dog that combines terrier’s skill with the bulldog’s strength and structure. At that time in Britain there were popular dog fights with bulls and bears, and Pit bull became the real star of such bloody fun. Finally, the battles were banned in 1835, but bookmakers and other eagerly-eyed probes found a new way to earn money cruelly exploiting dogs.

The fighting in which the dogs encountered bears and bulls were replaced by those in which the dogs encountered one another. The reason was simple – it’s easier to organize and hide the fight of two dogs than the one in which the bear is involved. This trend soon came to America, and with it also the Pit Bulls that had become the forerunner of the American Pit bull. At the beginning of 1898, the United Kennel Club was founded in the promised country and the first dog they entered into the register is the American Pit bull terrier. At the time, at the beginning of the twentieth century, Pit bull was used to catch half-cattle and beetles, but also as a family guard. At the same time, selective breeding continues.


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