Belgian Shepherd Dog will take care of you like your parents!

Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian shepherd belongs to the group of working dogs. They are medium-sized, very cautious, friendly and protective of you. They love sports. They will do their best to satisfy the owner with whom they have a good relationship.

If you decide to keep a dog this breed is great for you as a beginner and you can easily learn how to train your pet.The Belgian Shepherd Dog can weigh anywhere from 20 to 25 kg females and males can reach up to 30 kg. These dogs can grow up to 61 centimeters in height and this applies to females and males from 61 to 66 centimeters in height. The life span is from 10 to 14 years. Judging by their character, they are quite active, protective, sometimes timid and always alert. This dog breed is a particularly healthy dog breed. Eating special dog foods rich in vitamins can look very good and healthy.

The Belgian shepherd literally belongs to the group of shepherd dogs and as such a cautious and protective dog is always alert. It does not belong to the group of quiet dogs and often bark as a sign of communication. The Belgian shepherd always barks at the arrival of strangers. This type of dog loves children and is literally parental about them. She will do her best to protect them and especially wants to play with them. The Belgian Shepherd Dog is sociable and great for all animals.

Belgian Shepherd

This dog breed, despite having tremendous energy, requires a lot of mental and physical activity. If their needs are not met, their energy will be directed to destructive behaviors. It is often best to spend time with them, but family members still need to do so.

Belgian shepherds are not an aggressive dog breed. They are friendly to other dogs but cautious and distrustful. They show the most aggression towards strangers. They are also good keepers of sheep. It is also very easy to train and with early socialization and good behavior, we will not have any problems with aggression.

Training this dog breed is not very difficult because they are obedient and in every way, they want to please their owner so by properly training you can teach this dog everything you want.


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