This is the first country in the world to have no stray dogs!

stray dogs

The number of stray dogs is expressed in millions worldwide. But from all the countries in the world in one country, the number of stray dogs is reduced to zero.

The Netherlands is the first country without stray dogs and the Dutch people really love their pets. The dogs are part of people’s daily lives, walking around the city in bicycle baskets, many catering facilities are tailored for dogs and they can be transported on public transport at a low cost.

The dogs are of great importance to the history of the Netherlands. They have always signified the status symbol in the Netherlands. The rich people kept dogs and used them for sports purposes.

stray dogs

The Dutch government has introduced a tax on dogs since the nineteenth century in an attempt to regulate the number of stray dogs, although this has had the opposite effect. Such a measure led to the emergence of a larger number of stray dogs.

In 1864, the first animal protection agency was established in Hague. One hundred years later an animal protection law was passed. It is now forbidden for any owner to abuse or harass any animal otherwise a prison sentence of up to three years, as well as a fine of 16,750 euros, could be imposed.

The problem with these dogs is resolved with a state-funded CNVR sterilization program. The Light Animal Protection Agency believes it is the most effective way of suppressing the stray dog population.


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