Bernese Mountain Dog is the quietest dog in the world!

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is the most famous dog breed in Switzerland. This breed is the most prolific after a hundred smooth and long fur.

Some theorists believe that the Bernese Mountain Dog first appeared during the Roman invasion of Switzerland in the first century BC. The Bernese dog has existed as a shepherd dog since its inception. In 1890, Professor Albert Jaim and other breeders recognized the good qualities of the Bernese Mountain Dog and arranged to preserve the breed, and improve the quality of the breed. The standardization of this type of dog occurred in the early 1900s.

The Bernese Mountain Dog apparently has three colors, black, brown and white. In the part of the thorax and superior arches as well as the limbs and under the tail it should be present on the muzzle, tip of the tail, paws, and chest. Because people have been trying to cross different races for a long time, puppies with different color gametes sometimes appear. But such puppies are not suitable for exhibition careers and breeding because the color scheme does not match. But that does not prevent such coloring to be a favorite pet in the family.
This breed is particularly large and has a broad and flat skull, black eyes and nose, triangular-shaped ears and sharp teeth, thick tail as well as rounded legs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog breed is especially sociable, attentive and peaceful. Bernese Mountain Dog likes to hang out with kids and other pets. Bernese mountain dogs are interesting because they want to show each other domination.

The Bernese dog should be regularly brushed and the parts where the fur is easier to tie, such as the parts behind the ears, neck, and legs. This breed really requires regular walks because they love to move around in nature.

This dog breed does not have the best health. It can be susceptible to many diseases and require careful care. One of the problems that arise is bloating. Overflow of the intestines with air can cause the intestines to twist which would be a serious problem. At certain times in their lives, this breed can experience paw pains, cataracts, and even blindness. All this requires timely intervention with medical measures.

This type of dog needs a greater amount of food. With natural nutrition, the percentage of products is as follows:
– Sour milk products – 10%
– Raw and cooked fruits and vegetables – 5%
– Cereals (porridge and ready to water) – 15%
– Meat and by-products – 70%

No more than once a week can you include dog food, fish and chicken egg. In unlimited quantities, it is recommended to give your pet a fresh drink of freshwater.


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