Afghan Hound one of the most noble dog breeds in the world

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of the more interesting breeds of dogs. They are characterized by long and fur-colored silk. In this class of dog breeds, all colors including red, colour of sand and black colour can be found.

The Afghan Hound belongs to the noble dog breeds. He is very intelligent, brave and does not make noise. This breed is also called Afghan and it can also be concluded that it belongs to the family of darts. Male dogs of this breed can reach up to 74 centimeters in height and female dogs of this breed can grow up to 63 centimeters in height.

Male dogs of the Afghan Hound breed can weigh up to 34 kg while female dogs can weigh up to 22 kg. The head of an Afghan Hound is medium in size and his mouth is quite large. His back is long while his belly is wide and short. The tail is short bent at the end and ring-shaped. The front soles are strong and quite long and wide and are covered with long and thick fibers.

The Afghan Hound manages the kids well as he has a cheerful character. He is not relaxed with strangers but behaves modestly and reservedly. The characteristic of this dog breed is that they can hunt and do not show signs of aggression.The Afghan Hound also wants to take a walk with him on a regular basis and will respond if you let him run outdoors once or twice a week. This way this type of dog will satisfy its natural need for activity. On the recommendation of breeders and other lovers of this breed, it is recommended that this breed of dog live in a home where his owner lives.

The fur of this dog breed should be regularly applied as they have specific fur. At a time when dogs are bribery, the best solution to the Afghan Hound is thought to be combing once a day. The Afghan Hound life duration is 12 years. A female dog of this breed can give birth from one to fifteen dogs and the average is eight.

The instinct of Afghan Hound is quite strong. If you take him with you and hunt him down he will not come back when you call him. He has a great orientation and will only come back when he decides from where you are not expecting him. He hates loneliness and he is most joyful when he is home.

The Afghan hound needs special dog food for a long and healthy life. It needs to be fed with industrial foods in the form of granules and bags but can also be given other supplements when they grow up a bit. It is thought that about 70% of the daily intake of food in the dog’s body should be made up of meat, while the rest should contain fruits and vegetables.


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