How to Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat


When the hot weather comes above our doors, dogs are particularly demanding. Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat through the skin and therefore breathe rapidly and release the temperature through their paws and nose to regulate their body temperature. When the dog receives a heat stroke it behaves collapsed, breathing rapidly and moving hard.

Never leave your dog locked in a car. A dog in distress in a hot car is a serious case. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the police may come and get in the vehicle to get to the dog out but may just advise us to fix the problem with the dog.

In the warm season, walk your dog early or late at night when temperatures are low to reduce the risk of heat stroke. Make sure the dog is in the shade as much as possible during the walk.

Dog Summer Heat

Asphalt and concrete can heat up to a due to the sun, so make sure that your dog is warm before roaming. If the dog walks on a hot concrete surface it can really damage his paws.
Don’t let your dog get sunburn. This means that you should apply sunscreen on exposed parts of their skin such as their ears and nose and avoid sunlight.

Your dog must always have clean water and try to carry water and a liquid container while the dog walks with you. On the hot days, walk the dog in the evening.

Dogs can enter the river or in the sea in summer and are not afraid of water. Dogs can sometimes swallow more water when swimming. This happens rarely.

Warning signs that your dog may have dehydration are:
-Loss of appetite.
-Vomiting with or without diarrhea.
-Reduced energy levels and lethargy.
-Sunken, dry-looking eyes.
-Dry nose.
-Dry, sticky gums.
-Thick saliva.


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