Australian Shepherd is one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world!

Australian Shepherd

When we mention a breed of a family dog, we should not miss the Australian Shepherd breed. This breed is medium-sized. The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, loyal and working dog. Although known as a shepherd dog it has great athletic talent. It is unclear why this breed carries the Australian epic when the Basques from Spain brought it to the United States.

The Australian shepherd‘s name is probably derived from the fact that more Australians came to the United States for work and began breeding and treating it as a domestic breed. The American ranchers, in turn, bred this type of dog as stockbreeders and farmers. This dog breed is well managed and survives at high altitudes.

The Australian Shepherd has medium to long fur that can be lightweight and densely woven. Australian Shepherd’s colors can be black and white, reddish-brown, black or just brown. Male dogs of this species can reach up to 57 centimeters and female dogs can reach up to 52 centimeters. The Australian Shepherd is highly socialized and does not cause any problems with other dogs and pets. It treats children well and in some cases can be shy with strangers.

When the dog is mistaken, its fur is peeled and requires careful grooming. The average life expectancy of this breed is 13 years.This dog breed is very easy to train. We need to give more energy, time and love to train this dog and become really smart.

The Australian Shepherd should be fed two meals daily with dry dog food. The amount of dog food depends on the level of activity, age, and other factors. Make sure you keep track of your dog’s weight and make sure it does not overweight. Talk to the vet about the nutrition the dog needs.

An Australian shepherd can have cataracts in both eyes. There is also a case of this breed suffering from hip dysplasia, a change that this breed can hardly detect due to their pain tolerance threshold. They may also have heart problems and suffer from Patent ductus arteriosus, a disorder of the main artery.


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