These are the best Healthy and Safe to Eat spices for your dog’s diet!

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It is an undisputed fact that dogs need to be fed with special dog food that is rich with vitamins. In a situation where we choose to feed the dog with the food that we eat, we can say that there are certain spices that the dog loves.

These are the following spices:


Cinnamon is great for regulating blood pressure in dogs, acts on various inflammations in the body and protects the heart and prevents many heart diseases. As in humans, dogs reduce the risk of certain diseases.


The coriander helps to prevent stomach problems. It has anti-parasitic action and can help to detoxify the body. It is not recommended to give a coriander to dogs that expect young puppies as this can have a detrimental effect.


Basil is a great spice for dogs with arthritis problems and has been shown to help protect the liver.

4. Dill.

Dill helps regulate the female dog cycle. It is also recommended for dogs who often have diarrhea, bacteria, and fungi.


Mint is a great spice for the intestines to function better.


Parsley is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins. It contains carotene and lycopene. It is added for breathing damage and to soothe abdominal discomfort.


Rosemary contains iron, calcium and vitamin B6. Rosemary belongs to the group of strong antioxidants.


Ginger is great for treating nausea in the stomach and for boosting immunity. Recommended for dogs with osteoarthritis pain.


Oregano is recommended as an antibacterial action and helps with digestive problems.

10.Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are an excellent source of fiber that can do wonders to a dog’s overall health and appearance.


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