A Perfect Way How Properly to Massage Your Dog

massage dog

Massage helps your dog to feel more at ease and relieve the difficulties that it feels and experiencing in certain situations in a dog’s life such as the difficult stage of canine gestation.

Therapeutic massages are commonly used to relieve anxiety in some types of dogs. Therapeutic massage is used as a treatment to remove aggressive, unwanted behavior in our dogs.

Our dog’s massage should not only be qualified as a professional treatment. At home, the owner can give to his dog a simple and enjoyable session, which can create more confidence in the relationship between them.

Massage can start from the neck with a slight pressure on the back. Dogs in this way gain more confidence. In addition, you can massage the dog’s head and call it with cute words.

The benefits of the massage you give your dog are:
-Reduces anxiety and stress. Dogs can go through various situations that make them anxious. For example boredom or lack of exercise.
-It releases the hormone of love. This hormone is very important in the dog’s relationship with the owner.
-Improves circulation. The stimulation created by the massage expands the blood vessels and enables better blood circulation. This will allow your dog to stay healthy and live longer.

The daily massage should last up to ten minutes. We need to devote ten minutes of our time to gently and easily massaging our dog throughout the body. This massage is especially important if it is repeated every day and after a certain, arbitrary period we stop we can notice what changes our dog will have and whether it will work normally.

If there are changes, we will find that the massage works well to eliminate any problems.
Massage is important for adjusting the dog’s outdoor and indoor temperatures. With these actions, you can make it easier for the veterinarian because you can easily present the symptoms and the change you have made by massaging and stopping.

It is characteristic that almost all dogs are frightened when it thunders outside and rains. In such situations, you should give your dog a massage. Do this gently by touching the top of his head or neck with his hand. You can touch it from head to tail and rub with your hand to keep the dog warm.

Just like humans and dogs, they need a warm-up before some heavy activity in order to avoid possible injury. Start with a few minutes of touching the dog all over his body. Start by rubbing each leg separately from the beginning to the toes.

The aging and straining process and inactivity can lead to pain and stiffness in your dog’s joints and muscles. In order to help your dog, you can stroke it around the painful area of the body in order to warm the muscle tissue. Use your own breathing rhythm to establish the correct rhythm of pressing and releasing the muscles. Never use fast movements as you may injure a dog’s bone. You can finish the massage by stroking the sore area to calm the nerves.


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