Simple Tricks and Tips How to Bathe Your Dog Easier and Faster

Bathe dog

Some dog breeds want to bathe and some do not. The more we practice bathing the dog the more cleaner and more gentle it will becomes. By some standards, the dog should take a bath once a month.

Some dogs can and do bath frequently but you should be aware that excessive bathing can remove the natural secretions that the dog produces to keep his skin and fur healthy.

The best time for your dog to bathe is at the earliest stage of development without the risk of a dog breed. When a dog is grown it will develop certain habits and you will have no problem maintaining its hygiene.

Before you start bathing your dog, you should prepare a warm bath. The cup should be neither too hot nor too cold. The water should be adapted for bathing small children. The space or place where you should bathe your dog or simply put the bathtub should be space for that purpose only.

Before bathing, the dog should be brushed well to straighten the hairs of the fur. Then you need to completely immerse your dog’s fur in the water from neck to tail. If you have a hand shower it will do a great job. You should be careful not to enter the dog’s ears as well as his eyes and mouth. When you wash your whole body, you can clean your face and head with a damp cloth.

When the fur is completely wet, lubricate the entire dog with fur dog shampoo, starting from the neck to the tail. It is very important to use shampoo with gluten supplements and not for people because it can lead to the drying of our dog’s skin.

After this stage you should wash the shampoo with water and when you consider that the dog is completely washed with shampoo try to coat it with a towel to dry. Some people use a dryer to dry the dog’s fur. In such a situation when using a dryer one should be careful about the temperature at which the thermostat is set.

If you use force to force your dog to bathe then be sure to get the opposite effect. When the dog is stressed and planning to bathe, it is advisable to fill the bathtub without its presence as the sound of water can create additional stress for the dog.

It is important to say that when choosing a shampoo for your dog you should consult a veterinarian. In any case, dog skin is much more sensitive than human skin.


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