Dogs Can Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

german shepherd

The renowned British organization Medical Detection Dogs in correlation with the London School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine wants to determine whether dogs can help diagnose the COVID-19 virus.

The organization has begun preparations to train the dog, which is due to start in six weeks to ensure a rapid diagnostic method.

The organization had previously trained dogs to detect diseases such as cancer, Parkinson‘s and bacterial infections by providing patient-based samples.

Dogs can also detect a slight change in temperature.

Dogs can detect COVID-19. Dogs can do this through the smell of the diseased patient.

The head of the LSHTM‘s Disease Control Unit says dogs can detect malaria with high precision and analogous to other respiratory diseases.

Dogs, for example, can be deployed at airports at the end of an epidemic so they can detect carriers of the virus and thus help prevent the recurrence of the epidemic.

More than 700,000 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide, but it is believed that the real number may be higher because many countries do not adequately test the population so they can easily reach asymptomatic carriers of the virus.


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