How to Control Your Dog to stop barking

Dog stop barking

When the dog barks incessantly, especially when it is small and when it wants to make an attention to the environment. If we tell to our dog to stop barking using a look, sound, or a physical gesture.

This can sometimes be a serious problem because barking creates noise. It is almost impossible to eliminate this phenomenon, ie to train your dog not to bark at all.

Dogs can also bark for no reason. They often bark when they want to play, greet someone or another animal, when frightened or anticipate a danger. The dogs bark and when they hear a sound, announce a visit, or when they find something they find particularly interesting.

In communication with your dog, our body and color of voice, as well as the height of the voice are very important elements for our dog to properly understand what we want to convey. This means that when we want to order our dog to stop barking we should not use a higher tone.

If you respond to each dog barking and run to it to see what really happens to it, you are rewarding its behavior. In that situation we need to be careful and try to calm the dog so that it stops barking. That calming can be in the form of a reward by giving a bone or the like. All dogs love to hang out. So leaving the dog without a reward can make the dog feel endangered.

We need to define in which situations the dog barks. This is an example if a certain guest comes to our house frequently and the dog barks on his visit we should call for the dog to stop barking in the presence of the guest. With this feat, the dog will develop a habit that in the presence of certain persons should not bark.

It is necessary in some way to determine the amount of barking of the dog. For example, if it barks more than three times, you need to give it something to eat to stop it from barking. The dog cannot bark and eat at the same time. The dog will thus learn that after a few times barking he will receive a reward and stop barking.

Dogs often bark at the doorbell. This means that when someone visits, they will ring at the door. It would be useful to put some food at the door so that the visitor can feed the dog when it comes to visit so that it stops barking.

Dogs can bark even at unfamiliar sounds. So it is advisable to play relaxation music so that the dog adjusts over time and does not bark at everything.

Many dogs bark boredom. That means they have no company at that time. So for that reason, we need to provide him with enough toys when we are not home so the dog is busy and does not bark.


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