How to Choose Your Dog a Unique Name

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If we buy, adopt or receive a dog as a gift, the first step we need to take is to give the dog a name. Giving a name is not an easy task because we have to call the dog as long as he is alive.

Character and Size

The practice shows that when choosing a name for our dog, we usually start from its character, the nature of the dog, the size of the dog and normally should not leave a funny impression on the environment.

Male or Female

The moment you are ready to give your dog a name, you need to know a few things about him. Whether it’s a male dog or a female dog, they listen well to vowels and less likely to listen to consonants.

Dog habits

If you are unable to remember or choose a suitable name for your dog, allow yourself some time at the beginning to analyze the dog’s habits, so according to his habits, you will give him a name.

Dog reaction

If you really can’t decide which name to give your dog a name, take a sheet of paper and a pen and make a list of the names that would be most appropriate for your dog. When you do that, the perfect suggestion would be to read the names aloud one by one and see how your dog would react. The dog’s reaction will be different for each name, so we will notice which name the dog will react to the happiest.

Cartoon or Movie

Many people are inspired by movies when naming their dog. The names of the dogs in the movies are considered to be very popular. In situations where we choose the names of our dogs from cartoons or movies, they can also serve as an inspiration to give our dog a proper name. In such cases, people choose from the names of animals that make a strong impression on them.


To make it easier to determine the name, people are often inspired by the color of the dog’s skin. This means that the names of the dogs are given starting from yellow, black, brown, white and so on.

Public figure

There are also situations when the dog’s name is given according to the favorite actress or favorite actor, favorite writer or public figure.

Their name should be clear and not too long for the dog to learn. The dog’s name must never be the same as the name of the command you give it.

Be careful in situations where you adopt an older dog that already has a name but that name is similar to any command we give it, it would be best to change the name. It’s a bit of a difficult process but over time the dog will learn the new one. So choice Wisley your beloved name because you gonna say it a lot. Check out our suggestion below.

Our Top 10 Male Dog Names :


Our Top 10 Female Dog Names :



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