How to Spot Depression in Dogs

Depression in Dogs

Not like humans, in dogs, it is very difficult to detect certain diseases. When a person suffers from depression then he clearly expresses the symptoms and when a dog has a problem with depression.

In situations where your dog sleeps for more than ten days and has trouble with sleeping and appetite and has changed his behavior with his loved ones, and the veterinarian cannot find any reason why this is so, then it can be said that the dog has problems with depression. The occurrence of depression in dogs can be the result of the loss of the desired partner, moving from one home to another and the like.

There are also cases when a certain family gets a baby or a new member, such a situation the dog experiences as stressful. For a short period of time, the dog should get used to it.

Sometimes physical problems can have a similar effect as symptoms of depression. In that case, you should ask a veterinarian for help for your dog.

Similar to humans, dogs can sleep longer when they have arthritis or a similar illness. Animals with diabetes or thyroid problems can also be reluctant.

Reduce contact with the familiar

Dogs distance themselves from their loved ones when they are sick and aspire to spend time alone. That’s a really bad sign. Dogs suffering from depression do not even greet their own when he returns home. Generally, dogs at this stage spend time sleeping.

What to do in such a situation?

In a situation where the vet determines that your dog is depressed, then you can take a few steps. You need to give your dog interesting activities and discipline and try to fill his day with activities that the dog wants to do.

Take a walk

It is advisable to take a walk with your dog in some new places. This means that the dog will be very happy when you allow him to walk on unfamiliar terrain. Furthermore, you can buy him toys with different scents that will literally be his hobby.


Practice rewarding your dog for good behavior and avoiding any activity that would cause him stress and tension.

If these natural remedies do not help at all, then it is best to ask your veterinarian to recommend medical remedies for your dog.


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