How to Make Your Dog Feel Happy

happy dog

When your dog becomes depressed and unhappy, you as the owner should try to change his mood. The owner is the one who has to do his best to make the dog feels happy and cheerful.

Control the tone of your voice when communicating with your dog

How would you feel if someone communicating with you in a gentle and kind voice? We should always start with our feelings when making decisions. This means that you need to communicate with your dog kindly so that he can develop feelings of joy.

Do not use the phone when you spend time with your dog

We often use the phone when playing with our dog, whether we do it for a walk when we play with the dog in the living room or in the park. We should try not to use the phone when playing with our dog.

Define a specific time of day to play with your dog

Many breeds of dogs love to play. That is why we need to define a time for play during the day, and that will literally represent a time when we will be as dedicated to our pet as possible. The joint game will strengthen our relationship with the dog.

Always be there when your dog needs you

This relationship is a bit debatable because dogs require non-stop escorts. The dog will always be happy if we respond with a little attention to his reaction. That means, for example, when we come home from work and our dog jumps happily after us, we should caress him, say hello to him and so on.

You need to respect the schedule

Dogs are a bit specific in this regard and respect habits and order. So for that reason, we should try to respect the established schedule for play, fun, walking, rest and the like.

Make sure your dog exercises enough
Dogs have specific habits. Many behavioral habits are the result of boredom. This means that you need to provide space for him and the dog to get rid of excess energy.

Walk your dog at nice places

This means that we need to make sure that the dog loves to visit some places where he wants to feel relaxed and where he will be protected from family and noise. Dogs, like any living thing, require time to sleep and rest.


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