Dog Breeds That Don’t Smell or Stink

Dog Breeds don't smell

Who are the dog breeds that don’t Smell? Those who have a dog know how great that love for them is. Our favorite tufts can be restless or do all sorts of nonsense, but when they give us their famous, kind look, we forgive them all.

Dogs are truly heavenly beings. They do not know about wars and malice, like we humans do. They do not spend their lives in the race for money or status in society because they absolutely do not need it.

We are often preoccupied with various life problems, from how to pay the bills to how to gain as much as possible or get a promotion. We fantasize about a bigger house, another car, summer, winter, wardrobe.

When we reduce everything, our brain is preoccupied with material things for most of our lives, both necessary and some of our personal needs. And we are constantly trying to achieve that, not realizing that, in that way, our precious life is passing. The dog does not do that.

The most important thing for a dog is to have a home and be surrounded by love. What is the most ordinary little thing to you, is their greatest pleasure. It can be the most ordinary treat or a walk in the park. This will certainly make our pets happy and fulfilled. It is also very important to spend quality time with your dog.

Maybe today’s hectic pace of life often does not allow us to do that, but, even when we are in a hurry, we should set aside time for them and at that time, dedicate ourselves completely to them.

Every pet is different and has different needs. Some are curious, so they like to be in nature, to sniff and explore, and some will prefer to curl up with you and enjoy a comfortable armchair. It’s you who needs to get to know them.

Many of you have dilemmas when choosing a dog, and since we are advocates of adoption, we will always be happy to recommend you go to a nearby shelter or look at the streets full of dogs. We are sure that you will find some abandoned soul that you, but it, will make you happy.

However, for those who have some special requirements, whether it is a small apartment, fear of odor or allergies to dog hair, we will, in the following lines, introduce dogs ideal for the apartment, which you will not feel.


The poodle is a real lady among dogs. She will always be faithful and loyal to you and will also be a great guardian for you since she has very little trust in strangers. She is extremely smart and wise, quick to learn, and very curious.

The poodle loves spending time with her family but also having fun. They can be great at “doing” more work, they are very good guides for the blind, but also good hunters. In the past, poodles also participated in the search for truffles, but today that has been eradicated. They do well in hunting and especially in the water.

They get along well with small children, but here, as with other dogs, you should be careful, because small children often like to play with dogs in a rougher way.

Poodles are exclusively domestic dogs. Never keep them in the yard, even when you think you have the conditions to do so. A poodle is a dog intended for the house and should always be surrounded by you and your family.

Bichon Frise

These little furry dogs are very cute and cheerful dogs. They are very lively, playful, and always ready for various adventures. They are extremely loyal to their owner and adore spending time with people. He will enjoy your company and attention, so never neglect them, because in that case, they may exhibit unwanted behaviors such as depression and prolonged barking.

They are full of energy and walks are best for that, to expend that energy. They love the company of both humans and other animals, and since they belong to medium-intelligent dogs, it will not be difficult for you to quickly teach him new tricks. In the upbringing of every dog, the owner has a key role.

Bichons, by their nature, are not stubborn dogs, but they can become restless and grumpy if you neglect them, do not socialize in time, or do not set clear boundaries for their behavior.


Dog Breeds don't smell

The famous Lesie from the movie is exactly like that in reality. Immensely loyal and loving to his family. Since their purpose in the past was to keep a flock, the Scottish Shepherd will treat his family as well as the flock that needs to be kept together.

These dogs are mild in nature and have an extraordinary temperament. They are calm and very gentle and affectionate. They love people and children, and if you meet other animals in time. This breed does not have the slightest bit of aggression in it and treats everyone with great love and care.

They are characteristically very sensitive dogs, so don’t use treble and punishment with them, as this will only create fear. Collie dog do not like noise or strife, and if you do not dress them in time, they can become very timid. This breed belong to highly intelligent dogs, they learn very quickly and remember new commands.


Dog Breeds don't smell

These graceful princes, slender in stature, and beautiful appearance, are ideal pets for those who do not like excessive barking. They are known among dogs, as a species that never barks. Their sound is reflected by a whimper, a growl, or something, but you can’t hear the barking of them.

Their temperament is extremely interesting. They are, in principle, quiet in the house, although they have stages when they can be very playful and active. Basenji love the game, and they get along well with the kids. They are also known as really good hunters. Basenji are also good keepers because they do not trust strangers too much, and you will be loyal and loyal friends.

What is interesting about them is that everyone can attract them, if they have food. So, even if you are a complete stranger, give Basenji some food and he will become your friend.


maltese dog

A small, white scent, which almost never fades. Maltese are extremely cheerful and lively dogs, always ready to play and have fun. Their curious and playful temperament will constantly make you laugh.

They are also faithful and loyal dogs, very affectionate, and with a great desire to spend as much time as possible with their human family.

You will tame their unrestrained temperament with timely and proper training because if you neglect them, they can become very stubborn and express their dissatisfaction with constant barking.

They get along well with small children, but they are also extremely brave and will always warn you of strangers. This little one will not back down even in front of a dog much bigger than himself, so they are brave and fearless.

They should be well-acquainted with all members of the household on time, as they sometimes express the trait of singling out their favorite member, so it may be that they bite another. All in all, they are ideal pets for the apartment and those who are allergic, precisely because of their hair, and their kindness and affection will immediately win you over.


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